1960 Los Angeles Chargers

Head Coach: *Sid Gillman
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
KBen Agajanian14808/28/1919' "New Mexico
ERalph Anderson10201/01/1937' "Los Angeles State
LBAl Bansavage3R01/09/1938' "Southern California
GAl Barry5512/24/1930' "Southern California
LBHubert Bobo3107/02/1934' "Ohio State
LBRon Botchan14102/15/1935' "Occidental
LBCharlie Brueckman14211/23/1935' "Pittsburgh
TDick Chorovich14311/29/1933' "Miami (OH)
DEHoward Clark13108/23/1935' "Tennessee - Chattanooga
QBBobby Clatterbuck2507/03/1931' "Houston
GFred Cole14106/14/1937' "Maryland
G/TSam DeLuca14105/02/1936' "South Carolina
DEBen Donnell3107/17/1935' "Vanderbilt
FBHowie Ferguson14708/05/1930' " none
GOrlando Ferrante14109/24/1932' "Southern California
DTGary Finneran13102/23/1934' "Southern California
FBCharlie Flowers10R06/28/1937' "Mississippi
HBFred Ford6103/30/1938' "Cal Poly - Pomona
DBBob Garner1311935' "Fresno State
DEArt Gob3201/07/1937' "Pittsburgh
DBDick Harris14107/24/1937' "McNeese State
LB/DEEmil Karas12212/13/1933' "Dayton
QBJack Kemp14207/13/1935' "Occidental
GCharlie Kempinska10110/30/1938' "Mississippi
TEDave Kocourek14108/20/1937' "Wisconsin
DTJohn Kompara7104/12/1936' "South Carolina
LB/QBBob Laraba14105/30/1933' "Texas - El Paso
LBRommie Loudd14106/08/1933' "UCLA
RBPaul Lowe14109/27/1936' "Oregon State
LB/PPaul Maguire11R08/22/1938' "Citadel
FBBlanche Martin9R01/16/1937' "Michigan State
DBCharlie McNeil9108/08/1936' "Compton CC (CA)
T/G*Ron Mix14R03/10/1938' "Southern California
DERon Nery14112/30/1934' "Kansas State
DBDoyle Nix12405/30/1933' "Southern Methodist
ETrusse Norris2108/10/1937' "UCLA
WRDon Norton14R03/03/1938' "Iowa
DT/TVolney Peters14801/01/1928' "Southern California
CDon Rogers14112/04/1936' "South Carolina
LB/DEMaury Schleicher12207/17/1937' "Penn State
HB/DBJimmy Sears10403/20/1931' "Southern California
DBJesse Thomas3405/23/1928' "Michigan State
DBHenry Wallace2109/26/1938' "University of Pacific
HBRon Waller2502/14/1933' "Maryland
HB/WRRoyce Womble14508/12/1931' "North Texas
TErnie Wright14111/06/1939' "Ohio State
DBBob Zeman12102/22/1937' "Wisconsin

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