1996 Chicago Bears

Head Coach: Dave Wannstedt
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
CBClifton Abraham2212/09/1971' "Florida State
SGreg Briggs14210/01/1968' "Texas Southern
GTodd Burger11303/20/1970' "Penn State
CBJames Burton16304/27/1971' "Fresno State
LBJoe Cain16806/11/1965' "Oregon Tech
SMark Carrier13704/28/1968' "Southern California
SMarty Carter16612/17/1969' "Middle Tennessee State
FBTony Carter16308/23/1972' "Minnesota
TEKerry Cash4608/07/1969' "Texas
TJon Clark1R04/11/1973' "Temple
WRCurtis Conway16401/13/1971' "Southern California
LBBryan Cox9602/17/1968' "Western Illinois
C/DTRob Davis16112/10/1968' "Shippensburg
FBMike Dulaney (Faulkerson)16209/09/1970' "North Carolina
WRBobby Engram16R01/07/1973' "Penn State
DTJim Flanigan14308/27/1971' "Notre Dame
DEAl Fontenot16409/17/1970' "Baylor
CJerry Fontenot16811/21/1966' "Texas A&M
CBMarlon Forbes15112/25/1971' "Penn State
DTPaul Grasmanis14R08/02/1974' "Notre Dame
RBRobert Green10509/10/1970' "William & Mary
RBRaymont Harris12312/23/1970' "Ohio State
LBSean Harris15202/25/1972' "Arizona
CBWalt Harris15R08/10/1974' "Mississippi State
TAndy Heck16801/01/1967' "Notre Dame
RBMichael Hicks4R02/01/1973' "South Carolina State
LBDana Howard3202/25/1972' "Illinois
KCarlos Huerta3106/29/1969' "Miami (FL)
WRJack Jackson12111/11/1972' "Florida
WRJohn Jackson5401/02/1967' "Southern California
KJeff Jaeger13911/26/1964' "Washington
TEKeith Jennings6705/19/1966' "Clemson
DTMarcus Keyes2R10/20/1973' "North Alabama
QBErik Kramer4711/06/1964' "North Carolina State
QBDave Krieg131710/29/1958' "Milton College (WI)
LBMichael Lowery16102/14/1974' "Mississippi
SJohn Mangum16703/16/1967' "Alabama
SAnthony Marshall13309/16/1970' "Louisiana State
CBChris Martin1109/01/1974' "Northwestern
QBShane Matthews2406/01/1970' "Florida
CBKevin Miniefield13403/02/1970' "Arizona State
LBBarry Minter16401/28/1970' "Tulsa
TEBobby Neely11103/22/1974' "Virginia
GTodd Perry16411/28/1970' "Kentucky
GEvan Pilgrim6208/14/1972' "Brigham Young
DECarl Reeves5112/17/1971' "North Carolina State
RBRashaan Salaam12210/08/1974' "Colorado
PTodd Sauerbrun16201/04/1973' "West Virginia
DT/DECarl Simpson16404/18/1970' "Florida State
LBVinson Smith15807/03/1965' "East Carolina
G/TMarcus Spears9109/28/1971' "Northwestern State (LA)
DEAlonzo Spellman16509/27/1971' "Ohio State
QBSteve Stenstrom1112/23/1971' "Stanford
DEJohn Thierry16309/04/1971' "Alcorn State
WRMichael Timpson15806/06/1967' "Penn State
C/GChris Villarrial14R06/09/1973' "Indiana (PA)
TERyan Wetnight11401/05/1970' "Stanford
TJames O. Williams16603/29/1968' "Cheyney (PA)
CBDonnell Woolford15801/06/1966' "Clemson
DTChris Zorich00603/13/1969' "Notre Dame

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