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Story: Final Mission   

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Table of Contents This story is a long one and it's had an equally long history.

Many years ago, I had an idea for a Star Trek adventure. It would take place after the Enterprise was decommissioned and the crew members had moved on to other pursuits. I also wanted to update various characters who had been introduced throughout the original series' three-year run, the animated series and the subsequent movies.

When I left the theater after watching Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, I thought that it would be the last one for the original series. I wrote an outline and placed the story not too distant from the events depicted in Star Trek VI. I wanted to show the changes that would occur over that time, how the crew progressed, the Klingon/Federation alliance, but mostly to get the crew back together one more time. The reason for the reuniting would have to be important enough, but I didn't want Earth threatened again. I wanted it to be more personal.

I wrote the story and had a friend type it, as she was very quick. About this time, someone suggested I submit it for publication. I made all the necessary arrangements, talked to a copyright lawyer and obtained the correct format needed for both submissions.

Finally, I thought I was ready to send my story to the publishers. Shortly before doing this, Generations came out. I had to do a rewrite due to several events depicted in that movie. I finally submitted the story, which was promptly rejected. (I still have the rejection letter.) But the note attached to it was proof that no one actually read it. So I put the whole thing in my old camera bag and stored it in the closet along with boxes of other rejected and incomplete stories.

Recently, I decided to dust off the story and share it with fellow Star Trek fans. As it had been some time since I wrote it, I read it again and found that it would need to be reworked once more to accommodate the many changes in subsequent movies. I began updating the story when I remembered the old KISS principle; keep it simple, stupid. The Trek universe had changed so much that any alterations would have been very cumbersome and even ridiculous.

At this point, I went back to my original story which encompasses the original series, the animated series, the first six movies and their novels. By doing this, I could avoid creating situations to 'correct' what had happened in other movies, then 'correct' that to justify what had happened later on. Besides, now that the series has been given a new start which disregards all that has gone before, what was the point of trying? However, I tried to remain faithful to the canon, up to the events in ST VI.

By the way, I will follow up the story with explanations of my line of thought and references to where I came up with certain items. So before you question my sanity or thought processes or my 'facts,' please wait. Most of my facts came from the Star Trek Encyclopedia, Star Trek Concordance, the movie novelizations, scripts and so on. [Editor's Note: because of all the story spoilers in the Author's Notes, they'll be posted with the last chapter of the story.]

So I began to polish the story and type it on my own. (Actually, I used a word processer.) I believe that my story gives a reasonable accounting of what could have happened, say hello to some old friends, meet some new ones and a couple of farewells. True to the original Star Trek, there are a few smiles, a few tears and a few surprises along the way as well.

To set the stage properly then, forget anything after the events of Star Trek VI. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Live long and prosper.

-- Brad McDonald

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