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Welcome to the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk (STARFLEET registry NCC-1659).

We are the Raleigh, NC, chapter of STARFLEET International, a world-wide association of fans with a common interest in Star Trek and other science fiction. More than a fan club, our goal is to celebrate the ideas expresssed in the Star Trek universe through active participation in community service activities throughout the greater Triangle area.
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Since our launch in 1989, we have assisted with the North Carolina Food Bank; UNC-TV (now PBS North Carolina) Telethons; Toys for Tots; The Duke Children's Miracle Network Telethon and Radiothon; Freedom Baloonfest; roadside clean-ups; Artsplosure; Raleigh First Night; and more. We also worked with the Peak City International Film Festival; Pretty in Pink fundraisers; the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing; and a fundraiser for Raleigh's Battered Women Shelter. In addition to these activities, we have donated directly to schools and teachers in need, and helped individuals with special problems and needs.

NOTE that the Dec 2 meeting will be a potluck at a member's home, so we will NOT be at our usual gathering spot in December. Please Contact us for RSVP details.

GalaxyCon Raleigh has now wrapped up. I'll (eventually) post all the pics but
am starting with all four Trek Cosplay Meetups and a couple of other must-see classics .... See y'all at GalaxyCon Raleigh 2024 in July !
MESSAGE FROM THE CO (Stardate 202303.02)
We ARE still around -- and actively meeting -- even the though website has gotten a bit stale. (I double as Chief of Comp Ops, so I'm also the webmaster for the 'Hawk.) I've been dealing with things outside of Kitty Hawk, including what has developed into some significant anxiety issues that have slowed down my progress on ALL of my projects.

Unfortunately, one of the things in my backlog is following up with folks who added their names to our Information Signup sheets at GalaxyCon 2022. In keeping with our privacy policy, I have not delegated this work to anyone else -- maintaining personal possession of the names and e-mail addresses the entire time.

I have gotten (relatively) better and am beginning to catch up on everything, but it's going to take some time. Stay tuned to this website for updates to the newsletters, stories, photo libraries, and a few other things on my website To Do list.

Stardate 202307.19--
The main content update is for
the 105th MSG (our STARFLEET Marine Corps contingent) that calls the 'Hawk home. The biggest update is more in the page design and layout -- adding the 105th's left-side nav button; an updated page footer; and updating the comment drop box pages to be consistent with the rest of the website.

Stardate 202303.02--
Two quick and easy updates to get off the website To Do list --
an update on our meetings page and a large update to the answer In What Order Should I Watch Trek?

Stardate 202110.26 --
Still working to get caught up on everything, we've got the
July/August issue of the newsletter and the beginning of our next new on-line narrative.

Stardate 202108.13 --
The next item published as part of our CO/CompOps Chief catching up on things is the
May/June issue of the newsletter.

Stardate 202107.20 --
Our CO/CompOps Chief has (hopefully!) finally gotten unburied by work from the paying job and is starting to catch up on everything. First up is the
final installment of our latest narrative (Chapters 10-12 and the Author's Notes). (The May/June newsletter is also being pushed through and should be out soon.)

Stardate 202105.07 --
After getting way, way behind on things, this is a mass-posting of several (overdue) updates -- the
April and May installments of our latest narrative (Chapters 6-9); the Mar/Apr issue of the newsletter; and a major update to the meetings (Join Us!) page.

Stardate 202103.07 --
next installment of our latest narrative (Chapters 4 and 5) has been posted.

Stardate 202102.14 --
Ever wanted to know the basics of speaking Klingon? Our Klingon Language instructor has posted
his teaching notes. We've also got a new story starting to be published and the first newsletter of 2021 is now out.

Stardate 202012.31 --
It's New Year's Eve! .... and
the year's final issue of the newsletter is now available. The list of Trek Hallmark ornaments for sale has also been updated to show recent sales to benefit our treasury.

Stardate 202011.30 --
final installment of the current on-line story has been posted.... and don't forget about the new feature article -- What Order Should I Watch Trek? -- that lists (as of today) all current series and movies in both production and Trekverse chronological orders. There's also a list of Trek Hallmark ornaments posted in the For Sale section.

Stardate 202010.31 --
next installment of the on-line story has been posted. As a Halloween treat, a new feature article has been added to the Media Archives -- What Order Should I Watch Trek? -- that lists (as of today) all current series and movies in both production and Trekverse chronological orders.

Stardate 202010.04 --
latest issue of the newsletter is out and there's a new on-line story -- Operation Ark -- starting this month.

Stardate 202009.04 --
The conclusion to the on-line story
Friendly Conversation has been posted, along with an update to the Handbook's draft Table of Contents. Also, a reminder that there's a list of Trek Hallmark ornaments posted in the For Sale section.

Stardate 202008.05 --
Jul/Aug 2020 issue of the newsletter has been posted, plus we're starting a new on-line-only story.

Stardate 202005.25 --
May/Jun 2020 issue of the newsletter has been posted.

Stardate 202005.01 --
We've posted the
last installment of Final Mission Chapter 15 (Sections 79-89), the Epilogue, and all of the supplemental material.

Stardate 202004.07 --
Mar/Apr 2020 issue of the newsletter has been posted.

Stardate 202003.31 --
Two quick items in this update --
photos from our March Game Night and Final Mission Chapter 14 (Sections 72-78).

Stardate 202003.06 --
The delayed (with many apologies)
Final Mission Chapter 13 (Sections 66-71) has been posted. (Please note that Chapters 14 and 15 will be pushed back a month (to April and May, respectively). Also posted is the Jan/Feb 2020 issue of the newsletter, photos from our Anniversary dinner, a list of Trek Hallmark ornaments is now posted For Sale, and an updated list of upcoming meeting dates.

The older updates are listed in a separate update page.

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