1967 Denver Broncos

Head Coach: Lou Saban
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
LBLou Andrus8R07/10/1943' "Brigham Young
TE/GTom Beer14R12/21/1944' "Houston
T/CDave Behrman11311/09/1941' "Michigan State
T/GBob Breitenstein2304/08/1943' "Tulsa
T/GSam Brunelli12212/13/1943' "Colorado State
DB/HBTom Cassese14R04/07/1946' "C.W. Post
TTom Cichowski11106/13/1944' "Maryland
DT/DEDave Costa14510/27/1941' "Utah
DTLarry Cox13211/12/1943' "Abilene Christian
WR/DBEric Crabtree14211/03/1944' "Pittsburgh
LBCarl Cunningham13R07/23/1944' "Houston
TMike Current3R09/17/1945' "Ohio State
WR/TEAl Denson14401/02/1942' "Florida A&M
P/KRick Duncan2108/14/1941' "Eastern Montana
DE/DTPete Duranko14112/15/1943' "Notre Dame
FBCookie Gilchrist1605/25/1935' " none
QBScotty Glacken2207/28/1944' "Duke
G/T/CGeorge Goeddeke10R07/29/1945' "Notre Dame
RBWendell Hayes14408/05/1940' "Humboldt State
RBBo Hickey12R10/07/1946' "Maryland
LBJohn Huard14R03/09/1944' "Maine
KBob Humphreys8103/30/1940' "Wichita State
DTJerry Inman14202/04/1940' "Oregon
DE/LBRich Jackson14207/22/1941' "Southern
DBPete Jaquess3412/25/1940' "Eastern New Mexico
LBGene Jeter2302/09/1942' "Arkansas - Pine Bluff
CLarry Kaminski14201/06/1945' "Purdue
DT/GBill Keating6211/22/1944' "Michigan
RBMike Kellogg2210/28/1942' "Santa Clara
DB/KGary Kroner3311/06/1940' "Wisconsin
CRay Kubala5410/26/1942' "Texas A&M
QBJim LeClair5103/23/1944' "C.W. Post
LB/K/CRoger LeClerc8810/01/1936' "Trinity (CT)
DBJack Lentz14R02/22/1945' "Holy Cross
RB*Floyd Little13R07/04/1942' "Syracuse
RBFran Lynch6R12/03/1945' "Hofstra
GPat Matson14207/22/1944' "Oregon
DT/DERex Mirich13403/11/1941' "Arizona State
HB/DBCharley Mitchell14505/25/1940' "Washington
LBChip Myrtle14102/06/1945' "Maryland
T/GErnie Park14510/22/1940' "McMurry
DBBobby Ply1608/13/1940' "Baylor
DBErrol Prisby5101/24/1943' "Cincinnati
LBFrank Richter9R12/24/1944' "Georgia
WR/PBob Scarpitto14701/07/1939' "Notre Dame
DBGoldie Sellers13201/09/1942' "Grambling State
GDon Smith2R02/08/1943' "Florida A&M
LBHenry Sorrell10106/10/1943' "Tennessee - Chattanooga
DBJim Summers11R12/23/1945' "Michigan State
WRNeal Sweeney10R06/13/1945' "Tulsa
DBEugene Sykes4409/26/1941' "Louisiana State
DBGene Sykes4409/26/1941' "Louisiana State
QBSteve Tensi14312/08/1942' "Florida State
GDick Tyson7201/05/1943' "Tulsa
TEAndre White14110/07/1944' "Florida A&M
DBNemiah Wilson14304/06/1943' "Grambling State
DBLonnie Wright12201/23/1945' "Colorado State
G/DTBob Young5209/03/1942' "Howard Payne (TX)

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