1958 Pittsburgh Steelers

Head Coach: Buddy Parker
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
DBDick Alban12706/17/1929' "Northwestern
CEd Beatty12404/06/1932' "Mississippi
DB/WR/HBDon Bishop12107/01/1934' "Long Beach City College (JC)
DB*Jack Butler12811/12/1927' "St. Bonaventure
LBDick Campbell12R07/17/1935' "Marquette
HBDick Christy12R11/24/1935' "North Carolina State
QB*Len Dawson4206/20/1935' "Purdue
DBDean Derby12206/11/1935' "Washington
G/TDarrell Dess12R07/11/1935' "North Carolina State
DG/LBDale Dodrill12802/27/1926' "Colorado State
LBBob Dougherty12204/20/1932' "Kentucky
FB/HBLeo Elter7610/21/1929' "Villanova
EJon Evans1R01/31/1936' "Oklahoma State
DB/RBGary Glick12305/14/1930' "Colorado State
G/T/LBTed Karras12101/31/1934' "Indiana
GBilly Krisher8R09/18/1935' "Oklahoma
DTJoe Krupa12307/06/1933' "Purdue
FBLarry Krutko6R06/27/1935' "West Virginia
LBDick Lasse12R11/13/1935' "Syracuse
QB*Bobby Layne101112/19/1926' "Texas
DTJoe Lewis12R01/23/1936' "Compton CC (CA)
EDick Lucas4101/09/1934' "Boston College
E/HBRay Mathews12802/26/1929' "Clemson
DBRichie McCabe5303/12/1933' "Pittsburgh
EJack McClairen12403/02/1931' "Bethune-Cookman
K/LBTom Miner12105/14/1932' "Tulsa
QBEarl Morrall2305/17/1934' "Michigan State
GJohn Nisby12209/09/1936' "University of Pacific
WR/EJimmy Orr12110/04/1935' "Georgia
LB/GJohn Reger12409/11/1931' "Pittsburgh
HBBilly Reynolds12407/20/1931' "Pittsburgh
GMike Sandusky12203/14/1935' "Maryland
C/TJohn Simerson3204/20/1935' "Purdue
DT/DEBilly Ray Smith12201/27/1935' "Arkansas
DT/DE/G*Ernie Stautner12904/20/1925' "Boston College
DE/LB/CGeorge Tarasovic12505/06/1930' "Louisiana State
HB/FBTom Tracy12309/07/1934' "Tennessee
TFrank Varrichione12401/14/1932' "Notre Dame
FB/LB/HBTank Younger121006/25/1928' "Grambling State

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