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Story: Tom and Tom Again   

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Table of Contents The Voyager series took some warming up to. I thought the first season didn't do too well. It seemed as if it took forever for Voyager to get out of Kazon territory. For a group of people who were in a hurry to get home, they seemed to be moving awfully slow. However, it wasn't all bad. After all, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine had a similar problem and they did quite well. However, there was a genuine problem with the ending. After seven years of some great stories, the series ended with an abrupt thud.

"Hi, mom and dad, we're home from summer camp!" That's what it felt like. There were so many loose ends and unfinished story lines, it seemed anticlimactic. Deep Space Nine did a marvelous job of closing out many of the smaller arcs and the last season was a real joy to watch.

With Voyager, this was not so. Just to name a few: How does Seven deal with returning home and meeting her family? Does Janeway accept an office job like Kirk did? Does Chakotay finally come to terms with his heritage and family? What about Janeway and Chakotay or Chakotay and Seven? Does the Doctor get his wish to be declared a sentient being? The list goes on and on, perhaps another full season worth of storylines!

To give the series a more satisfactory ending, all of these issues could have been addressed in a more relative final season or even compacted into a two-parter. Looking at those issues, I was most curious as to the fate of the Voyager 'outcasts.' They include Tom, who was 'on loan' from the penal system; the Maquis; and, of course, the Equinox crewpersons. How did they fare with Starfleet and what were their ultimate fates?

Because of those very questions, I wrote Tom and Tom Again. It touches on a few of those loose ends, but deals primarily with the issues regarding the outcasts.

Originally I thought about covering all the incomplete story lines but I probably would have wound up with a 400+ page 'short story.'

For that reason, I concentrated on a story regarding the outcasts and brushed lightly on a few others. As usual, the story will be presented in several parts and, once it's completed, I'll add a few notes on how I arrived at various story lines and the sources of my information. If you have any questions or comments, please wait until that is posted.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

-- Brad McDonald

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