1995 New England Patriots

Head Coach: *Bill Parcells
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
LBBobby Abrams9604/12/1967' "Michigan
TBruce Armstrong16909/07/1965' "Louisville
KMatt Bahr161707/06/1956' "Penn State
DETroy Barnett16205/24/1971' "North Carolina
QBDrew Bledsoe15302/14/1972' "Washington State
WRVincent Brisby16301/25/1971' "Northeast Louisiana
SCorwin Brown16304/25/1970' "Michigan
WRTroy Brown16307/02/1971' "Marshall
LBVincent Brown16801/09/1965' "Mississippi Valley State
TEJohn Burke16209/07/1971' "Virginia Tech
SEddie Cade10108/04/1973' "Arizona State
LBAlcides Catanho12101/20/1972' "Rutgers
TEBen Coates16504/16/1969' "Livingstone (NC)
DEFerric Collons16112/04/1969' "California
RBCorey Croom13305/22/1971' "Ball State
CJeff Dellenbach151102/14/1963' "Wisconsin
LBSteve DeOssie161211/22/1962' "Boston College
TEDavid Frisch2306/22/1970' "Colorado State
FBSam Gash15403/07/1969' "Penn State
G/CMike Gisler16308/26/1969' "Houston
WRHason Graham10103/21/1971' "Georgia
RBRupert Grant7111/05/1973' "Howard
RBDavid Green2104/18/1972' "Boston College
SMyron Guyton14708/26/1967' "Eastern Kentucky
TPat Harlow10503/16/1969' "Southern California
CBJimmy Hitchcock8R09/11/1970' "North Carolina
CBMaurice Hurst10709/17/1967' "Southern
LBTed Johnson12R12/04/1972' "Colorado
DE/LBAaron Jones10812/18/1966' "Eastern Kentucky
DEMike D. Jones13508/25/1969' "North Carolina State
GBob Kratch16701/06/1966' "Iowa
TMax Lane16202/22/1971' "Navy
CB*Ty Law14R02/10/1974' "Michigan
WRKevin Lee7101/01/1971' "Alabama
CBVernon Lewis16310/27/1970' "Pittsburgh
RB*Curtis Martin16R05/01/1973' "Pittsburgh
LBWillie McGinest16212/11/1971' "Southern California
RBDave Meggett16704/30/1966' "Towson State
TBrandon Moore6306/21/1970' "Duke
LBMarty Moore16203/19/1971' "Kentucky
WRWill Moore14102/21/1970' "Texas Southern
PPat O'Neill8202/09/1971' "Syracuse
TEAndre President1106/16/1971' "Angelo State (TX)
STerry Ray16410/12/1969' "Oklahoma
CBRicky Reynolds16901/19/1965' "Washington State
DTTim Roberts13404/14/1969' "Southern Mississippi
TWilliam Roberts161108/05/1962' "Ohio State
GTodd Rucci6307/14/1970' "Penn State
LBDwayne Sabb12410/09/1969' "New Hampshire
LBChris Slade16301/30/1971' "Virginia
PBryan Wagner8903/28/1962' "Cal State - Northridge
DEBruce Walker11107/18/1972' "UCLA
SLarry Whigham16206/23/1972' "Northeast Louisiana
DTReggie White16403/22/1970' "North Carolina A&T
C/GDave Wohlabaugh11R04/13/1972' "Syracuse
CBCarlos Yancy4R06/26/1970' "Georgia
QBScott Zolak16412/13/1967' "Maryland

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