1982 Houston Oilers

Head Coach: Ed Biles
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
RBAdger Armstrong6306/21/1957' "Texas A&M
QBArchie Manning61105/19/1949' "Mississippi
DBJ. C. Wilson7503/11/1956' "Pittsburgh
RB*Earl Campbell9503/29/1955' "Texas
G*Mike Munchak4R03/05/1960' "Penn State
DBCarter Hartwig9402/27/1956' "Southern California
FBTim Wilson9601/14/1954' "Maryland
WRMike Holston9201/08/1958' "Morgan State
PJohn James51101/21/1949' "Florida
C/GDavid Carter9611/27/1953' "Western Kentucky
TE*Dave Casper9909/26/1951' "Notre Dame
DBMike Reinfeldt9705/06/1953' "Wisconsin - Milwaukee
DEJesse Baker9407/10/1957' "Jacksonville State (AL)
DBVernon Perry7409/22/1953' "Jackson State
LBAvon Riley9202/10/1958' "UCLA
DEMalcolm Taylor9R06/20/1960' "Tennessee State
WRCarl Roaches9310/02/1953' "Texas A&M
DBTate Randle7R08/15/1959' "Texas Tech
RBDonnie Craft9R11/19/1959' "Louisville
TMorris Towns9601/10/1954' "Missouri
DBGreg Stemrick8810/25/1951' "Colorado State
DBWillie Tullis9204/05/1958' "Troy State (AL)
QBGifford Nielsen9510/25/1954' "Brigham Young
LBDaryl Hunt9411/03/1956' "Oklahoma
RBGary Allen7R04/23/1960' "Hawaii
G/TJohn Schuhmacher9309/23/1955' "Southern California
WRMike Renfro9506/19/1955' "Texas Christian
LBRobert Brazile9802/07/1953' "Jackson State
LBJohn Corker3312/29/1958' "Oklahoma State
KFlorian Kempf9105/25/1956' "Pennsylvania
LBRobert Abraham9R07/13/1960' "North Carolina State
TMark Koncar5605/05/1953' "Colorado
LBTed Thompson9801/17/1953' "Southern Methodist
NT/DEKen Kennard9610/04/1954' "Angelo State (TX)
CGreg Davidson9304/24/1958' "North Texas
DE*Elvin Bethea91503/01/1946' "North Carolina A&T
WRTim Smith9303/20/1957' "Nebraska
LBTed Washington91002/16/1948' "Mississippi Valley State
WRSteve Bryant7R10/10/1959' "Purdue
DT/DEMike Stensrud9402/19/1956' " none
G/DE/CEd Fisher9905/31/1949' "Arizona State
LBGregg Bingham71003/13/1951' "Purdue
RBStan Edwards7R05/20/1960' "Michigan
GGeorge Reihner3404/27/1955' "Penn State
PCliff Parsley4612/26/1954' "Oklahoma State
TEWalt Arnold9308/31/1958' "New Mexico
DBBill Kay9201/10/1960' "Purdue
WRHarold Bailey9204/02/1957' "Oklahoma State
NTDaryle Skaugstad9204/08/1957' "California
RBRich Thomaselli9202/26/1957' "West Virginia Wesleyan
T/GRalph Williams7103/27/1958' "Southern

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