1929 Boston Bulldogs

Head Coach: Dick Rauch
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
T/E/CJoe Carpe6401/23/1903' "Millikin (IL)
G/TBill Connor7104/08/1899' "Catholic
FB/RB/WBJack Ernst7512/04/1899' "Lafayette
EBill Howell4104/21/1904' "Catholic
E/DE/GGeorge Kenneally8404/12/1902' "St. Bonaventure
HB/BB/TBPaul Kittredge7110/09/1904' "Holy Cross
T/G/EJoe Kozlowsky8408/09/1901' "Boston College
FB/WB/TBTony Latone8504/18/1897' " none
HB/TB/FB/EEd Lawrence6107/16/1905' "Brown
E/WBRed Maloney8309/05/1901' "Dartmouth
BBRalph Marston1102/16/1907' "Boston University
GEd McCrillis7209/07/1904' "Brown
HB/FB/BBAl Miller7103/17/1904' "Harvard
C/G/T/BBAl Pierotti7710/24/1895' "Washington & Lee
G/T/EFrank Racis7511/09/1899' " none
G/CDick Rauch1307/15/1893' "Penn State
GRoy Scholl1109/15/1904' "Lehigh
TArnie Shockley6111/27/1904' "Southwestern Oklahoma State
C/GBert Shurtleff4208/03/1897' "Brown
FB/TBHust Stockton841902' "Gonzaga
EThurston Towle1101/01/1905' "Brown
TB/WB/BB/FBCy Wentworth6301/02/1904' "New Hampshire

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