1962 St. Louis Cardinals

Head Coach: Wally Lemm
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
QBCharley Johnson11211/22/1938' "New Mexico State
QB/PSam Etcheverry14205/20/1930' "Denver
RB/DBBill Triplett14R05/09/1940' "Miami (OH)
FB/E/TE/LBMal Hammack14706/19/1933' "Florida
FB/LBRoland Jackson5R01/05/1940' "Rice
TEHugh McInnis9309/18/1938' "Southern Mississippi
HB/FBJoe Childress14610/26/1933' "Auburn
HB/TEJohn Crow14507/08/1935' "Texas A&M
TETaz Anderson14211/15/1938' "Georgia Tech
HB/FBPrentice Gautt13302/08/1938' "Oklahoma
WR/KBobby Joe Conrad14511/17/1935' "Penn State
WRJack Elwell13R08/01/1940' "Purdue
C/GBob DeMarco14209/16/1938' "Dayton
G/T/CIrv Goode14R10/12/1940' "Kentucky
T/DTKen Panfil1709/16/1930' "Purdue
TErnie McMillan14202/21/1938' "Illinois
E/WRSonny Randle14401/06/1936' "Virginia
G/LBKen Gray14503/10/1936' "Howard Payne (TX)
T/GEd Cook7506/29/1932' "Notre Dame
T/DTFate Echols5R06/29/1939' "Northwestern
EChuck Bryant13R09/12/1940' "Ohio State
GMike McGee13312/01/1938' "Duke
DT/DE/T/GGerry Perry14807/17/1930' "California
DT/G/C/DEFrank Fuller14808/08/1929' "Kentucky
DT/TDon Owens14604/03/1932' "Southern Mississippi
DE/LBJoe Robb14403/15/1937' "Texas Christian
DE/DT/TLuke Owens14610/19/1933' "Kent State
DE/LB/G/DGEd Henke8912/13/1927' "Southern California
DE/G/TTom Redmond14309/21/1937' "Vanderbilt
DTGeorge Hultz13103/07/1939' "Southern Mississippi
LBGarland Boyette14103/22/1940' "Grambling State
LBMarion Rushing13209/03/1936' "Southern Illinois
LBTed Bates8409/22/1936' "Oregon State
LBBill Koman14709/16/1934' "North Carolina
LBDale Meinert5512/18/1933' "Oklahoma State
DBJimmy Hill14706/27/1928' "Sam Houston State
DBPat Fischer12201/02/1940' "Nebraska
DB*Larry Wilson14303/24/1938' "Utah
DB/WRBilly Stacy13407/30/1936' "Mississippi State
DBNorm Beal7106/16/1940' "Missouri
KJim Bakken8R11/02/1940' "Wisconsin

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