1957 Green Bay Packers

Head Coach: Lisle Blackbourn
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
GNorm Amundsen12109/28/1932' "Wisconsin
GAl Barry12212/24/1930' "Southern California
LBTom Bettis12303/17/1933' "Purdue
DENate Borden9309/22/1932' "Indiana
HBAl Carmichael12511/10/1926' "Southern California
FB/KFred Cone12706/21/1926' "Clemson
LBErnie Danjean12R03/05/1934' "Auburn
KDick Deschaine12304/28/1932' " none
DBBobby Dillon12602/23/1930' "Texas
FBHowie Ferguson12508/05/1930' " none
DTTom Finnin3509/28/1927' "Detroit Mercy
LB/DTBill Forester12508/09/1932' "Southern Methodist
DBHank Gremminger12209/01/1933' "Baylor
DTDave Hanner12605/20/1930' "Arkansas
DTJerry Helluin12608/08/1929' "Tulane
HB/FB/QB*Paul Hornung12R12/23/1935' "Notre Dame
EBilly Howton12607/05/1930' "Rice
HB/E/WRJoe Johnson12411/03/1929' "Boston College
DB/HBBilly Kinard12212/16/1933' "Mississippi
EGary Knafelc3401/02/1932' "Colorado
E/TERon Kramer11R06/24/1935' "Michigan
CLarry Lauer12208/27/1927' "Alabama
DECarlton Massey12401/17/1930' "Texas
TNorm Masters12109/19/1933' "Michigan State
EMax McGee12207/16/1932' "Tulane
RBDon McIlhenny12211/22/1934' "Southern Methodist
LB/CSam Palumbo9306/07/1932' "Notre Dame
QBBabe Parilli12405/07/1930' "Kentucky
DB/RBJohnny Petitbon12406/04/1931' "Notre Dame
FBFrank Purnell9104/05/1933' "Alcorn State
C*Jim Ringo12511/21/1931' "Syracuse
G/TJim Salsbury12308/08/1932' "UCLA
T/G/COllie Spencer12304/17/1931' "Kansas
QB*Bart Starr12201/09/1934' "Alabama
DBJohnny Symank12R08/31/1925' "Florida
DEJim Temp12110/10/1933' "Wisconsin
TCarl Vereen12R01/27/1936' "Georgia Tech

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