1954 New York Giants

Head Coach: Jim Lee Howell
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
KBen Agajanian12408/28/1919' "New Mexico
G/T/DTBill Albright12404/04/1929' "Wisconsin
G/TBill Austin11410/18/1928' "Oregon State
GJohn Bauer2R03/11/1932' "Illinois
HB/DBWayne Berry10R08/02/1931' "Washington State
T*Rosey Brown12210/20/1932' "Morgan State
LB/C/FBJohn Cannady10805/09/1924' "Indiana
G/T/DG/DTRuss Carroccio9104/28/2031' "Virginia
QBBobby Clatterbuck10R07/03/1931' "Houston
DT/TRay Collins12408/04/1927' "Louisiana State
QBCharlie Conerly10709/19/1921' "Mississippi
FBBobby Epps10R03/25/1932' "Pittsburgh
HB/WR/DB*Frank Gifford9308/16/1930' "Southern California
QBDon Heinrich2109/19/1930' "Washington
HBHerb Johnson11107/10/1928' "Washington
GGeorge Kennard12301/08/1928' "Kansas
LBPat Knight10205/14/1929' "Southern Methodist
DT/DE/TRay Krouse12403/21/1927' "Maryland
DB/HB/QB*Tom Landry12509/11/1924' "Texas
LBCliff Livingston12107/02/1930' "UCLA
HB/DB/EBuford Long12212/14/1931' "Florida
EKen MacAfee11108/31/1929' "Alabama
LBPete Mangum2R01/17/1931' "Mississippi
DBDick Nolan12R03/26/1932' "Maryland
DE/EBarney Poole11510/29/1923' "Mississippi
FBEddie Price12509/02/1925' "Tulane
C/LBJohnny Rapacz12504/25/1924' "Oklahoma
DBHerb Rich11510/07/1928' "Vanderbilt
EKyle Rote11410/27/1927' "Southern Methodist
EBob Schnelker12210/17/1928' "Bowling Green State
TBilly Shipp11110/16/1929' "Alabama
G/TJack Stroud6201/29/1928' "Tennessee
LB/FBBill Svoboda11507/12/1928' "Tulane
EBob Topp6R04/22/1932' "Michigan
DB/RB*Emlen Tunnell12703/29/1922' "Iowa
C/LBRay Wietecha12211/04/1928' "Northwestern
EDick Wilkins6209/28/1925' "Oregon
TDick Yelvington12307/27/1928' "Georgia

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