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Story: A Friendly Conversation   

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Table of Contents Not every episode of the original Star Trek series involved a space battle, first contact or rescuing a damsel in distress. A few episodes were even humorous. While defeating a villain of some type such as Klingons, Romulans or even a super computer was always a favorite, it wasn't always necessary. Remember, one of the most popular movies, ST IV: The Voyage Home, had no villain and no antagonist. The mission was simply to save the whales.

For that and other reasons, I came up with a simple conversation between two friends. I wasn't sure if it would have filled an hour episode, but rather than try, I decided on a narrative instead. It's not a critical time, no disasters and not even any pressing issues, just an attempt to learn a little more about Kirk and McCoy; specifically, why they decided to join Starfleet.

Another motivation for writing this particular story was to counter what was presented in the movie of the rebooted franchise. It just didn't sit well with me and others as well. I hope you'll understand my reason for writing this and I also hope you'll enjoy my particular point of view regarding Kirk and McCoy's motivations.

-- Brad McDonald

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