1986 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head Coach: Leeman Bennett
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
RBGreg Allen2206/04/1963' "Florida State
TEJerry Bell10503/07/1959' "Arizona State
RBDennis Bligen1303/03/1962' "St. John's (NY)
RBMack Boatner7110/04/1958' "Southeastern Louisiana
LBScott Brantley16702/24/1958' "Florida
LBKeith Browner15301/24/1962' "Southern California
DE/NTJohn Cannon9507/30/1960' "William & Mary
WRGerald Carter15706/19/1957' "Texas A&M
DBJeremiah Castille13401/15/1961' "Alabama
DBCraig Curry16307/20/1961' "Texas
LBJeff Davis16501/26/1960' "Clemson
QBSteve DeBerg16901/19/1954' "San Jose State
TEK.D. Dunn7204/28/1963' "Clemson
DBRicky Easmon9207/03/1963' "Florida
GSean Farrell16505/25/1960' "Penn State
RBPat Franklin8R08/16/1963' "Houston
WRPhil Freeman15212/09/1962' "Arizona
DBBobby Futrell16108/04/1962' "Elizabeth City State (NC)
PFrank Garcia16506/05/1957' "Arizona
TEJimmie Giles71011/08/1954' "Alcorn State
WRWillie Gillespie2110/24/1961' "Tennessee - Chattanooga
C/GRandy Grimes16407/20/1960' "Baylor
WRLeonard Harris6111/27/1960' "Texas Tech
WRVince Heflin6507/07/1959' "Central State (OH)
TRon Heller16308/25/1962' "Penn State
DERon Holmes14208/26/1963' "Washington
WRKevin House7712/20/1957' "Southern Illinois
RBBobby Howard7R06/01/1964' "Indiana
KDonald Igwebuike16212/27/1960' "Clemson
CBRod Jones16R03/31/1964' "Southern Methodist
DBKevin Kellin9111/16/1959' "Minnesota
DETyrone Keys14410/24/1959' "Mississippi State
NT/DEDavid Logan16810/25/1956' "Pittsburgh
TJ. D. Maarleveld14R10/24/1961' "Maryland
TECalvin MaGee16204/23/1963' "Southern
GRick Mallory16210/21/1960' "Washington
DBVito McKeever16110/08/1961' "Florida
NTKarl Morgan12302/23/1961' "UCLA
LBKevin Murphy16R09/08/1963' "Oklahoma
NTBob Nelson16103/03/1959' "Miami (FL)
TMarvin Powell31008/30/1955' "Southern California
LBErvin Randle16210/12/1962' "Baylor
T^Greg Robinson3R12/25/1962' "Sacramento State
TEJeff Spek2110/01/1960' "San Diego State
RBRon Springs12811/04/1956' "Ohio State
DBIvory Sully16806/20/1957' "Delaware
DBCraig Swoope15R02/03/1964' "Illinois
TRob Taylor16111/14/1960' "Northwestern
LB/TEJackie Walker15R11/03/1962' "Jackson State
DBKevin Walker4R10/20/1963' "East Carolina
LBChris Washington16303/06/1962' "Iowa State
RBJames Wilder12605/12/1958' "Missouri
WRDavid Williams15R06/10/1963' "Illinois
RBNathan Wonsley10112/07/1963' "Mississippi
G/C/TGeorge Yarno16708/12/1957' "Washington State
QB*Steve Young14210/11/1961' "Brigham Young

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