1985 Minnesota Vikings

Head Coach: *Bud Grant
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
RBAlfred Anderson12208/04/1961' "Baylor
DBRufus Bess11709/13/1956' "South Carolina State
LBMatt Blair61209/20/1950' "Iowa State
QBSteve Bono1R05/11/1962' "UCLA
GBrent Boyd15503/23/1957' "UCLA
RBTed Brown14702/15/1957' "North Carolina State
SJoey Browner16305/15/1960' "Southern California
TEJay Carroll16211/08/1961' "Minnesota
WRAnthony Carter16109/17/1960' "Michigan
PGreg Coleman16909/09/1954' "Florida A&M
DE*Chris Doleman16R10/16/1961' "Pittsburgh
DENeil Elshire16503/08/1958' "Oregon
LBDennis Fowlkes15303/11/1961' "West Virginia
CBIssiac Holt15R10/04/1962' "Alcorn State
G/CJim Hough4808/04/1956' "Utah State
LBDavid Howard16112/08/1961' "Long Beach State
G/C/TDave Huffman15604/04/1957' "Notre Dame
TTim Irwin16512/13/1958' "Tennessee
LBDennis Johnson8606/19/1958' "Southern California
WRMike Jones16304/14/1960' "Tennessee State
TESteve Jordan16401/10/1961' "Brown
QBTommy Kramer15903/07/1955' "Rice
CBCarl Lee15302/06/1961' "Marshall
WRLeo Lewis10509/17/1956' "Missouri
CKirk Lowdermilk16R04/10/1963' "Ohio State
GMark MacDonald16R04/30/1961' "Boston College
LBChris Martin12312/19/1960' "Auburn
DE/NTDoug Martin16605/22/1957' "Washington
LBFred McNeill101205/06/1952' "UCLA
LBTim Meamber4R10/29/1962' "Washington
DTKeith Millard16103/18/1962' "Washington State
TEMike Mularkey15311/19/1961' "Florida
DEMark Mullaney151104/30/1953' "Colorado State
RBDarrin Nelson16401/02/1959' "Stanford
DT/NTTim Newton16R03/23/1963' "Florida
DBKeith Nord16603/03/1957' "St. Cloud State
WRBuster Rhymes15R01/27/1962' "Oklahoma
RBAllen Rice14204/05/1962' "Baylor
DBTed Rosnagle6109/29/1961' "Portland State
G/TCurtis Rouse16407/13/1960' "Tennessee - Chattanooga
DERobert Smith16112/03/1962' "Grambling State
K*Jan Stenerud161911/26/1942' "Montana State
LBScott Studwell14908/27/1954' "Illinois
C/G/TDennis Swilley16806/28/1955' "North Texas
T/GTerry Tausch16402/05/1959' "Texas
DBWillie Teal16512/20/1957' "Louisiana State
DBJohn Turner15802/22/1956' "Miami (FL)
RBMaurice Turner10209/10/1960' "Utah State
WRSammy White61003/16/1954' "Grambling State
QBWade Wilson4402/01/1959' "East Texas State

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