1985 Chicago Bears

Head Coach: *Mike Ditka
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
GTom Thayer16108/16/1961' "Notre Dame
LBCliff Thrift16705/03/1956' "East Central (OK)
DTSteve McMichael16610/17/1957' "Texas
TE/WR/RBEmery Moorehead15903/22/1954' "Colorado
WRWillie Gault16309/05/1960' "Tennessee
TAndy Frederick16907/25/1954' "New Mexico
SDave Duerson15311/28/1960' "Notre Dame
DBKen Taylor16109/02/1963' "Oregon State
LBRon Rivera16201/07/1962' "California
GKurt Becker3412/22/1958' "Michigan
KKevin Butler16R07/24/1962' "Georgia
WRBrad Anderson14201/12/1961' "Arizona
LBOtis Wilson16609/15/1957' "Louisville
DETyrone Keys16310/24/1959' "Mississippi State
TTim Wrightman16103/27/1960' "UCLA
RBCalvin Thomas14401/07/1960' "Illinois
T/CTom Andrews14201/11/1962' "Louisville
WRKeith Ortego7108/30/1963' "McNeese State
TKeith van Horne16511/06/1957' "Southern California
WRDennis McKinnon14308/22/1961' "Florida State
GStefan Humphries11201/20/1962' "Michigan
DBMike Richardson14305/23/1961' "Arizona State
DBReggie Phillips16R12/12/1960' "Southern Methodist
SShaun Gayle16203/08/1962' "Ohio State
DEMike Hartenstine161107/27/1953' "Penn State
DBLeslie Frazier16504/03/1959' "Alcorn State
DBGary Fencik161006/11/1954' "Yale
QBMike Tomczak6110/23/1962' "Ohio State
LBWilber Marshall16204/18/1962' "Florida
DE*Richard Dent16312/13/1960' "Tennessee State
WRKen Margerum16410/05/1958' "Stanford
DE/DTHenry Waechter13402/13/1959' "Nebraska
LBJim Morrissey15R12/24/1962' "Michigan State
GMark Bortz16302/12/1961' "Iowa
PMaury Buford16402/18/1960' "Texas Tech
QBJim McMahon13408/21/1959' "Brigham Young
DT/DE*Dan Hampton16709/19/1957' "Arkansas
DTWilliam Perry16R12/16/1962' "Clemson
CJay Hilgenberg16503/21/1959' "Iowa
LB*Mike Singletary16510/09/1958' "Baylor
RBMatt Suhey16607/07/1958' "Penn State
RB*Walter Payton161107/24/1954' "Jackson State
RBThomas Sanders15R01/04/1962' "Texas A&M
WRDennis Gentry16402/10/1959' "Baylor
TJim Covert15303/22/1960' "Pittsburgh
QBSteve Fuller16601/05/1957' "Clemson
LBBrian Cabral1706/23/1956' "Colorado
WRJames Maness8R06/01/1963' "Texas Christian

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