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As mentioned on a couple of related Facebook groups, I'll be building two three web apps for the Star Trek STSTCS/RPG realm. Below is the (short) list of apps and the intended project "specifications" that have come to mind as I've been working through the intial (up-to-now) mental planning for them.

This is just a basic web page (for now) to start getting my thoughts on paper, as it were, for everyone to see. If you have any comments or feedback, please e-mail me at "jtroan at jt-sw dot com" and put "STSTCS" at the beginning of the subject so that it stands out in my inbox.

-- John Troan

Document Library

The Doc Library is now on-line, a full (and cleaned up) edition of the original XON archive. However, there are a few new files that haven't been put in yet --

Ship Construction Generator and Class/Vessel Registry

The Work-in-Progress web app is now available for public viewing and perusal. The Start Here page within the app will be updated as I make progress on building it.

Based on FASA's original Ship Construction Manual, this will handle all of the component choices, minimum (mainly computer) requirements, and all those pesky calculations.

Other Planned Features:

Character Generator

Based on FASA's original Role Playing Game, this will handle character generation for TOS and (eventually) TNG eras. I'll have to look into ENT era possibilities later. I've got printed material to support characters from most of the common home worlds and political affiliations -- plus Starfleet Intelligence and independent merchants/traders. (Yeah, I did accumulated a lot of source material. ;-) )

--Updated June 19, 2020