1995 Arizona Cardinals

Head Coach: Buddy Ryan
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
QBDave Krieg161610/29/1958' "Milton College (WI)
QBStoney Case2R07/07/1972' "New Mexico
QBMike Buck4404/22/1967' "Maine
RBLarry Centers16606/01/1968' "Stephen F. Austin State
RBMark Higgs1804/11/1966' "Kentucky
RBRyan Terry15109/20/1971' "Iowa
RBLeShon Johnson3201/15/1971' "Northern Illinois
RBGarrison Hearst16301/04/1971' "Georgia
TEChad Fann16306/07/1970' "Florida A&M
TEOscar McBride16107/23/1972' "Notre Dame
TETerry Samuels4209/27/1970' "Kentucky
WRRob Moore15609/27/1968' "Syracuse
WRStevie Anderson5205/12/1970' "Grambling State
WRAnthony Edwards15605/26/1966' "New Mexico Highlands
WRFrank Sanders16R02/17/1973' "Auburn
WRMarcus Dowdell13305/22/1970' "Tennessee State
WRBryan Reeves5207/10/1970' "Nevada - Reno
CJamie Dukes81006/14/1964' "Florida State
GErnest Dye6307/15/1971' "South Carolina
TLarry Tharpe16311/19/1970' "Tennessee State
GJoe Wolf6712/28/1966' "Boston College
T/G/DTCecil Gray7602/16/1968' "North Carolina
GRob Selby7510/11/1967' "Auburn
CEd Cunningham9408/17/1969' "Washington
G/TEric Floyd1510/28/1965' "Auburn
G/TBernard Dafney11411/01/1968' "Tennessee
GAnthony Redmon12204/09/1971' "Auburn
G/TBen Coleman3305/18/1971' "Wake Forest
GDuval Love161106/24/1963' "UCLA
CLance Scott1R02/15/1972' "Utah
DTEric Swann12508/16/1970' "Wake Technical CC (NC)
DEChad Brown5307/09/1971' "Mississippi
DEKeith McCants16604/19/1968' "Alabama
DTChris Maumalanga6212/15/1971' "Kansas
DEEric England15203/25/1971' "Texas A&M
DEWendall Gaines16101/17/1972' "Oklahoma State
DT/DEMichael Bankston16403/12/1970' "Sam Houston State
DEKarl Dunbar4305/18/1967' "Louisiana State
DTBernard Wilson16308/17/1970' "Tennessee State
DEClyde Simmons161008/04/1964' "Western Carolina
DE/DTJerry Drake2107/09/1969' "Hastings College (NE)
LBRandy Kirk16912/27/1964' "San Diego State
LBJamir Miller10211/19/1973' "UCLA
LBSeth Joyner161011/18/1964' "Texas - El Paso
LBSimon Shanks15110/16/1971' "Tennessee State
LBEric Hill14711/14/1966' "Louisiana State
LBDavid Merritt15309/08/1971' "North Carolina State
LBWesley Leasy12R09/07/1971' "Mississippi State
LBDarryl Hardy4111/22/1968' "Tennessee
LBGarth Jax161009/16/1963' "Florida State
LBTerry Irving16207/03/1971' "McNeese State
SC. J. Richardson1R06/10/1972' "Miami (FL)
CBPatrick Hunter51010/24/1964' "Nevada - Reno
SAndre Waters71203/10/1962' "Cheyney (PA)
STerry Hoage121104/11/1962' "Georgia
S/CBBrent Alexander16207/10/1971' "Tennessee State
DBLance Brown11R02/02/1972' "Indiana
DBTony Jones2102/16/1972' "Syracuse
CBCarlos Brooks7105/08/1971' "Bowling Green
SLorenzo Lynch12904/06/1963' "Sacramento State
CBBen Smith2505/14/1967' "Georgia
CBTito Paul14R12/07/1971' "Ohio State
CB*Aeneas Williams16501/29/1968' "Southern
SMelvin Aldridge2207/22/1970' "Murray State
SKwamie Lassiter5112/03/1969' "Kansas
KGreg Davis16910/29/1965' "Citadel
PJeff Feagles16803/07/1966' "Miami (FL)

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