1993 Washington Redskins

Head Coach: Richie Petitbon
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
NTGerald Nichols2602/10/1964' "Florida State
QBCary Conklin4202/29/1968' "Washington
QBRich Gannon8612/20/1965' "Delaware
QBMark Rypien12610/02/1962' "Washington State
RBEarnest Byner161009/15/1962' "East Carolina
RBReggie Brooks16R01/19/1971' "Notre Dame
RBRicky Ervins15312/07/1968' "Southern California
FBBrian Mitchell16408/18/1968' "Southwestern Louisiana
TEJames Jenkins15308/17/1967' "Rutgers
TEJim Riggs3709/23/1963' "Clemson
TEFrank Wycheck9R10/14/1971' "Maryland
TERon Middleton16807/17/1965' "Auburn
TERay Rowe1207/28/1969' "San Diego State
TETerry Orr4809/27/1961' "Texas
WRGreg Clifton2102/06/1968' "Virginia Military Institute
WRDesmond Howard16205/15/1970' "Michigan
WRMark Stock3204/27/1966' "Virginia Military Institute
WRTim McGee13808/07/1964' "Tennessee
WR*Art Monk161412/05/1957' "Syracuse
WRRicky Sanders16808/30/1962' "Southwest Texas State
GDarryl Moore12101/27/1969' "Texas - El Paso
GVernice Smith8410/24/1965' "Florida A&M
CJeff Bostic161409/18/1958' "Clemson
T/GRay Brown16612/12/1962' "Arkansas State
C/GRaleigh McKenzie16902/08/1963' "Tennessee
CGuy Bingham141402/25/1958' "Montana
TMo Elewonibi15212/16/1965' "Brigham Young
CMarc Raab2101/26/1969' "Southern California
TEd Simmons13712/31/1963' "Eastern Washington
GGreg Huntington9R09/22/1970' "Penn State
GMark Schlereth9501/25/1966' "Idaho
G/TJoe Jacoby51307/06/1959' "Louisville
DTTim Johnson15701/29/1965' "Penn State
DE/NTKeith Willis11007/29/1959' "Northeastern
DE/NT/DTJumpy Geathers141006/26/1960' "Wichita State
DECharles Mann121104/12/1961' "Nevada - Reno
DEJeff Faulkner5504/04/1964' "Southern
DEShane Collins7204/11/1969' "Arizona State
DT/NTJim Wahler8507/29/1966' "UCLA
DEJason Buck13707/27/1963' "Brigham Young
DESterling Palmer14R02/04/1971' "Florida State
DT/DE/NTEric Williams41002/24/1962' "Washington State
DTBobby Wilson12303/04/1968' "Michigan State
DEAl Noga16609/16/1965' "Hawaii
LBRick Hamilton16R04/19/1970' "Central Florida
LBMonte Coleman141511/04/1957' "Central Arkansas
LBCarl Banks151008/29/1962' "Michigan State
LBRick Graf5708/29/1964' "Wisconsin
LBKurt Gouveia16709/14/1964' "Brigham Young
LBAndre Collins13405/04/1968' "Penn State
LBLamont Hollinquest16R10/24/1970' "Southern California
CBAlvoid Mays15407/10/1966' "West Virginia
SDanny Copeland14501/24/1966' "Eastern Kentucky
CBA. J. Johnson13506/22/1967' "Southwest Texas State
CB*Darrell Green161102/15/1960' "Texas A&I
SDarryl Morrison4R05/19/1971' "Arizona
SBrad Edwards16603/22/1966' "South Carolina
CBTom Carter14R09/05/1972' "Notre Dame
STodd Bowles10811/18/1963' "Temple
CBJohnny Thomas16508/03/1964' "Baylor
SPat Eilers11409/03/1966' "Notre Dame
KChip Lohmiller16607/16/1966' "Minnesota
PReggie Roby151107/30/1961' "Iowa
PKelly Goodburn1704/14/1962' "Emporia State (KS)

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