1993 Chicago Bears

Head Coach: Dave Wannstedt
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
RBNeal Anderson15808/14/1964' "Florida
DETrace Armstrong16510/05/1965' "Florida
TTroy Auzenne11206/26/1969' "California
LBMyron Baker16R01/06/1971' "Louisiana Tech
WRFred Banks8805/26/1962' "Liberty (VA)
CBAnthony Blaylock9602/21/1965' "Winston-Salem State (NC)
GMark Bortz161102/12/1961' "Iowa
KKevin Butler16907/24/1962' "Georgia
LBJoe Cain15506/11/1965' "Oregon Tech
SMark Carrier16404/28/1968' "Southern California
FBBob Christian14211/14/1968' "Northwestern
WRCurtis Conway16R01/13/1971' "Southern California
LBRon Cox16402/27/1968' "Fresno State
WRWendell Davis5601/03/1966' "Louisiana State
DE*Richard Dent161112/13/1960' "Tennessee State
SMaurice Douglass16802/12/1964' "Kentucky
DTTory Epps3405/28/1967' "Memphis State
DEAl Fontenot16R09/17/1970' "Baylor
CJerry Fontenot16511/21/1966' "Texas A&M
PChris Gardocki16302/07/1970' "Clemson
SShaun Gayle161003/08/1962' "Ohio State
TEChris Gedney7R08/09/1970' "Syracuse
RBRobert Green16209/10/1970' "William & Mary
QBJim Harbaugh15712/23/1963' "Michigan
FBCraig Heyward16609/26/1966' "Pittsburgh
FBJohn Ivlow2101/26/1970' "Colorado State
TEKeith Jennings13405/19/1966' "Clemson
CBKeshon Johnson15R07/17/1970' "Arizona
LBDante Jones16603/23/1965' "Oklahoma
CJay Leeuwenburg16206/18/1969' "Colorado
RBDarren Lewis2311/07/1968' "Texas A&M
CBJeremy Lincoln16104/07/1969' "Tennessee
SJohn Mangum12403/16/1967' "Alabama
CGene McGuire9107/17/1970' "Notre Dame
DTSteve McMichael161410/17/1957' "Texas
CBKevin Miniefield8R03/02/1970' "Arizona State
LBBarry Minter2R01/28/1970' "Tulsa
WRAnthony Morgan1311/15/1967' "Tennessee
LBJim Morrissey2912/24/1962' "Michigan State
GTom Myslinski1212/07/1968' "Tennessee
WRTerry Obee16206/15/1968' "Oregon
SMarkus Paul8504/01/1966' "Syracuse
GTodd Perry13R11/28/1970' "Kentucky
DTWilliam Perry7912/16/1962' "Clemson
DTTim Ryan11409/08/1967' "Southern California
DT/DECarl Simpson11R04/18/1970' "Florida State
GVernice Smith5410/24/1965' "Florida A&M
LBVinson Smith16507/03/1965' "East Carolina
LBPercy Snow10311/05/1967' "Michigan State
DEAlonzo Spellman16209/27/1971' "Ohio State
TKeith van Horne131311/06/1957' "Southern California
WRTom Waddle15502/20/1967' "Boston College
TERyan Wetnight10101/05/1970' "Stanford
TEDanta Whitaker5303/14/1964' "Mississippi Valley State
TJames O. Williams3303/29/1968' "Cheyney (PA)
QBPeter Tom Willis5401/04/1967' "Florida State
T/GJohn Wojciechowski14707/30/1963' "Michigan State
CBDonnell Woolford16501/06/1966' "Clemson
RBTim Worley10409/24/1966' "Georgia
DTChris Zorich16303/13/1969' "Notre Dame

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