1991 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head Coach: Richard Williamson
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
RBGary Anderson16604/18/1961' "Arkansas
TEJesse Anderson15207/26/1966' "Mississippi State
LBSam Anno16501/26/1965' "Southern California
WRTerry Anthony9203/09/1968' "Florida State
GIan Beckles16207/20/1967' "Indiana
GJohn Bruhin10412/09/1964' "Tennessee
QBJeff Carlson3205/23/1966' "Weber State
WRMark Carrier16510/28/1965' "Nicholls State (LA)
CBCarl Carter11603/07/1964' "Texas Tech
SMarty Carter14R12/17/1969' "Middle Tennessee State
DEAl Chamblee9R11/17/1968' "Virginia Tech
QBChris Chandler6410/12/1965' "Washington
KSteve Christie16211/13/1967' "William & Mary
RBReggie Cobb16207/07/1968' "Tennessee
STony Covington16R12/26/1967' "Virginia
DTReuben Davis12405/07/1965' "North Carolina
WRLawrence Dawsey16R11/16/1967' "Florida State
T/GScott Dill8404/05/1966' "Memphis State
WRWillie Drewrey16704/28/1963' "West Virginia
SWilliam Frizzell16809/08/1962' "North Carolina Central
SDarrell Fullington11404/17/1964' "Miami (FL)
DT/G/C/TDarryl Grant21111/22/1959' "Rice
TPaul Gruber16402/24/1965' "Wisconsin
CBWayne Haddix6407/23/1965' "Liberty (VA)
DTRhett Hall16R12/05/1968' "California
TERon Hall15503/15/1964' "Hawaii
DBHarry Hamilton7811/29/1962' "Penn State
DBAlonzo Hampton15201/19/1967' "Pittsburgh
RBRobert Hardy16109/01/1967' "Carson-Newman (TN)
RBAlonzo Highsmith11502/26/1965' "Miami (FL)
WRBruce Hill6502/29/1964' "Arizona State
CBRoger Jones6104/22/1969' "Tennessee State
DEDexter Manley141107/02/1959' "Oklahoma State
LBEugene Marve161008/14/1960' "Saginaw Valley State
CTony Mayberry16212/08/1967' "Wake Forest
DEKeith McCants16204/19/1968' "Alabama
G/T/DETom McHale15502/25/1963' "Cornell
T/GCharles McRae16R09/16/1968' "Tennessee
LBKevin Murphy16609/08/1963' "Oklahoma
DT/NTTim Newton16703/23/1963' "Florida
NTGerald Nichols16502/10/1964' "Florida State
LBMaurice Oliver3106/14/1967' "Southern Mississippi
CBRicky Reynolds16501/19/1965' "Washington State
DBGlenn Rogers5106/08/1969' "Memphis
PMark Royals16306/22/1965' "Appalachian State
GTim Ryan15R09/02/1968' "Notre Dame
DERay Seals10306/17/1965' " none
LBJesse Solomon13611/04/1963' "Florida State
TRob Taylor16611/14/1960' "Northwestern
QBVinny Testaverde13511/13/1963' "Miami (FL)
LBBroderick Thomas16302/20/1967' "Nebraska
TEEd Thomas6205/04/1966' "Houston
LBCalvin Tiggle16R11/10/1968' "Georgia Tech
RBChuck Weatherspoon4R07/31/1968' "Houston
RBRobert Wilson16R01/13/1969' "Texas A&M

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