1987 St. Louis Cardinals

Head Coach: Gene Stallings
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • ^ Replacement Games Only
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
QBNeil Lomax12702/17/1959' "Portland State
QB^Sammy Garza2R07/10/1965' "Texas - El Paso
QBCliff Stoudt12603/27/1955' "Youngstown State
QB^Shawn Halloran3104/23/1964' "Boston College
RBStump Mitchell12703/15/1959' "Citadel
RBBroderick Sargent15209/16/1962' "Baylor
RB^Don Goodman3104/23/1959' "Cincinnati
RBDerrick McAdoo15104/02/1965' "Baylor
RBEarl Ferrell11603/27/1958' "East Tennessee State
RBRon Wolfley12310/14/1962' "West Virginia
TEWilliam Harris10R02/10/1965' "Bishop
TEJay Novacek7310/24/1962' "Wyoming
TE^Bob Keseday3101/09/1965' "Texas - El Paso
TERob Awalt12R04/09/1964' "San Diego State
WR^Clarence Collins1102/01/1962' "Illinois State
WRDon Holmes11204/01/1961' "Mesa
WRRoy Green12906/30/1957' "Henderson State (AR)
WRJ. T. Smith151010/29/1955' "North Texas
WRTroy Johnson14210/20/1962' "Southern
WRVai Sikahema15208/29/1962' "Brigham Young
WRAdrian McBride3103/23/1963' "Missouri
WRRon Brown3101/11/1963' "Colorado
TTootie Robbins14606/02/1958' "East Carolina
CMike Morris14102/22/1961' "Northeast Missouri State
C^Joe Bock1107/21/1959' "Virginia
G^Ron Pasquale1102/28/1964' "Akron
CMike Ruether12209/20/1942' "Texas
G/T^Charles Vatterott2101/31/1964' "Southwest Texas State
G/TLance Smith15301/01/1963' "Louisiana State
T/G^Tom Welter3102/24/1964' "Nebraska
T/GRay Brown7212/12/1962' "Arkansas State
G/TJoe Bostic9904/20/1957' "Clemson
G/CDerek Kennard12209/09/1962' "Nevada
CGene Chilton11203/27/1964' "Texas
C^Keith Radecic3112/24/1963' "Penn State
TLuis Sharpe12606/16/1960' "UCLA
GTodd Peat12R05/20/1964' "Northern Illinois
T^Victor Perry1102/26/1964' "Georgia
DTSteve Alvord12R10/02/1964' "Washington
DE/DTBob Clasby12209/28/1960' "Notre Dame
DTColin Scotts7R04/26/1963' "Hawaii
DT^Ron Bohm3109/03/1964' "Illinois
DT/DEDavid Galloway4602/16/1959' "Florida
DE^Victor Burnett3110/05/1962' "Fresno State
DECurtis Greer10711/10/1957' "Michigan
DE/DT^Gary Dulin3201/20/1957' "Ohio State
DTMark Duda3502/04/1961' "Maryland
DTRod Saddler12R09/26/1965' "Texas A&M
DT/DEMark Garalczyk11R08/12/1964' "Western Michigan
DT^Anthony Burke1109/02/1964' "Minnesota
LBIlia Jarostchuk12R08/01/1964' "New Hampshire
LBFreddie Joe Nunn12304/09/1962' "Mississippi
LBNiko Noga12403/01/1962' "Hawaii
LB^Tony Buford2104/21/1964' "Tulsa
LBCharlie Baker14809/26/1957' "New Mexico
LBWayne Davis12R03/10/1964' "Alabama
LBAnthony Bell12207/02/1964' "Michigan State
LBE. J. Junior13712/08/1959' "Alabama
LB^Jeff Paine1408/19/1961' "Texas A&M
LB^Jimmie Carter1107/26/1961' "New Mexico
LB^Peter Noga3106/24/1964' "Hawaii
LB^Phil Forney3109/18/1963' "East Tennessee State
LBTerence Mack5107/09/1964' "Clemson
CBCedric Mack10509/14/1960' "Baylor
DB^Tony Mayes3105/19/1964' "Kentucky
SLonnie Young12307/18/1963' "Michigan State
DBTravis Curtis13109/27/1965' "West Virginia
DBJohnny Holloway3211/08/1963' "Kansas
DBLeonard Smith15509/02/1960' "McNeese State
DB^Dwayne Anderson1112/07/1961' "Southern Methodist
DBGregg Johnson8510/20/1958' "Oklahoma State
DB^Mark Mathis2108/23/1955' "Liberty (VA)
DBCharles Wright3R04/05/1964' "Tulsa
DB^Terrence Anthony1R01/17/1965' "Iowa State
CBCarl Carter12203/07/1964' "Texas Tech
DBJohn Preston5108/28/1962' "Central Oklahoma
DBMark Jackson11103/16/1962' "Abilene Christian
DB^Ed Scott3102/15/1961' "Grambling State
STim McDonald3R01/06/1965' "Southern California
DB^Ken Sims3111/09/1963' "Iowa
KJim Gallery13109/15/1961' "Minnesota
P^Mark Royals1106/22/1965' "Appalachian State
K^Jason Staurovsky2103/23/1963' "Tulsa
PGreg Horne5R11/22/1964' "Arkansas
KAl Del Greco3403/02/1962' "Auburn
PGreg Cater9604/17/1957' "Tennessee - Chattanooga

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