1984 San Diego Chargers

Head Coach: Don Coryell
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
RBEarnest Jackson16212/18/1959' "Texas A&M
QBBruce Mathison2204/25/1959' "Nebraska
WRJesse Bendross16R07/19/1962' "Alabama
DBDanny Walters8211/04/1960' "Arkansas
LBEric Williams13806/17/1955' "Southern California
PMaury Buford16302/18/1960' "Texas Tech
RBWayne Morris10905/03/1954' "Southern Methodist
NT/DE/LBChuck Ehin16207/01/1961' "Brigham Young
C/GDennis McKnight16309/12/1959' "Drake
TE/FBBobby Micho6R03/07/1962' "Texas
WR*Charlie Joiner161610/14/1947' "Grambling State
DBReuben Henderson12410/03/1958' "San Diego State
DBTim Fox11911/01/1953' "Ohio State
WRBobby Duckworth16311/27/1958' "Arkansas
DBBob Gregor7402/10/1957' "Washington State
DBKen Greene15705/08/1956' "Washington State
RBPete Johnson3803/02/1954' "Ohio State
RBChuck Muncie1903/17/1953' "California
NTRickey Hagood2R04/24/1961' "South Carolina
RBJewerl Thomas7509/10/1957' "San Jose State
TE*Kellen Winslow7611/05/1957' "Missouri
TAndrew Gissinger16307/04/1959' "Syracuse
DBJohn Turner15702/22/1956' "Miami (FL)
DBJohnny Ray Smith1309/07/1957' "Lamar
LBCliff Thrift16605/03/1956' "East Central (OK)
GDoug Wilkerson161503/27/1947' "North Carolina Central
TERon Egloff12810/03/1955' "Wisconsin
DBScott Byers6107/03/1958' "Long Beach State
T/GChuck Loewen13401/23/1957' "South Dakota State
QBEd Luther15501/02/1957' "San Jose State
LBRay Preston10901/25/1954' "Syracuse
KRolf Benirschke14802/07/1955' "California - Davis
DBMiles McPherson9303/30/1960' "New Haven (CT)
LBCarlos Bradley8404/27/1960' "Wake Forest
LBBilly Ray Smith16208/10/1961' "Arkansas
TEEric Sievers14411/09/1957' "Maryland
DEKeith Ferguson16404/03/1959' "Ohio State
DBMike Dennis2506/06/1958' "Wyoming
LBLinden King16706/28/1955' "Colorado State
LBMike Green16206/29/1961' "Oklahoma State
KBenny Ricardo2701/04/1954' "San Diego State
RB/WRLionel James16R05/25/1962' "Auburn
LBDerrie Nelson6202/08/1958' "Nebraska
RBBuford McGee16R08/16/1960' "Mississippi
NTKeith Guthrie11R08/17/1961' "Texas A&M
WRWes Chandler15708/22/1956' "Florida
TEPete Holohan15407/25/1959' "Notre Dame
T/GSam Claphan16410/10/1956' "Oklahoma
DBBill Kay5401/10/1960' "Purdue
LBWoodrow Lowe15906/09/1954' "Alabama
CB/SGill Byrd13202/20/1961' "San Jose State
DT/NTGary Johnson41008/31/1952' "Grambling State
GEd White151604/04/1947' "California
DBAndre Young13311/22/1960' "Louisiana Tech
C/GDon Macek13907/21/1954' "Boston College
DE/LBFred Robinson16R10/22/1961' "Miami (FL)
WRSteve Bird1210/20/1960' "Eastern Kentucky
G/CDerrell Gofourth16803/20/1955' "Oklahoma State
LBVince Osby16107/08/1961' "Illinois
QB*Dan Fouts131206/10/1951' "Oregon
NT/DE/GTony Chickillo1107/08/1960' "Miami (FL)
DBLucious Smith9501/17/1957' "Cal State - Fullerton
DE/DTLee Williams8R10/15/1962' "Bethune-Cookman
G/NTBill Elko15212/28/1959' "Louisiana State
DTRick Ackerman9306/16/1959' "Memphis

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