1982 St. Louis Cardinals

Head Coach: Jim Hanifan
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
QBRusty Lisch8312/21/1956' "Notre Dame
QBNeil Lomax9202/17/1959' "Portland State
QBJim Hart41704/29/1944' "Southern Illinois
RBStump Mitchell9203/15/1959' "Citadel
RBRandy Love9409/30/1956' "Houston
RBWill Harrell7809/16/1952' "University of Pacific
RBOttis Anderson8401/19/1957' "Miami (FL)
RBWayne Morris9705/03/1954' "Southern Methodist
RBEarl Ferrell9R03/27/1958' "East Tennessee State
TEGreg LaFleur9209/16/1958' "Louisiana State
TEDoug Marsh8306/18/1958' "Michigan
TEEddie McGill9R07/05/1960' "Western Carolina
WRMel Gray51209/28/1948' "Missouri
WR/DBDave Stief9501/29/1956' "Portland State
WRMike Shumann6510/13/1955' "Florida State
WRPat Tilley9702/15/1953' "Louisiana Tech
WRRicky Thompson3705/15/1954' "Baylor
WRRoy Green9406/30/1957' "Henderson State (AR)
WRKen Thompson1112/06/1958' "Utah State
TTootie Robbins9R06/02/1958' "East Carolina
TArt Plunkett9203/08/1959' "Nevada - Las Vegas
G/TJoe Bostic8404/20/1957' "Clemson
T/G/C*Dan Dierdorf91206/29/1949' "Michigan
G/TGeorge Collins9512/09/1955' "Georgia
C/T/GRandy Clark9307/27/1957' "Northern Illinois
TLuis Sharpe9R06/16/1960' "UCLA
GTerry Stieve9603/10/1954' "Wisconsin
DE/NTStafford Mays8303/13/1958' "Washington
DT/DE/NTRush Brown9306/27/1954' "Ball State
DECurtis Greer9311/10/1957' "Michigan
DT/DEDavid Galloway5R02/16/1959' "Florida
DE/DTBruce Thornton6402/14/1958' "Illinois
DE/DTElois Grooms9805/20/1953' "Tennessee Tech
DT/NT/DEMike Dawson9710/16/1953' "Arizona
LBDave Ahrens9212/05/1958' "Wisconsin
LBKurt Allerman9608/30/1955' "Penn State
LBCalvin Favron4407/03/1957' "Southeastern Louisiana
LBE. J. Junior9212/08/1959' "Alabama
LBCharlie Baker9309/26/1957' "New Mexico
LBCraig Puki7301/18/1957' "Tennessee
LBJohn Gillen4211/05/1958' "Illinois
LBCraig Shaffer5R03/31/1959' "Indiana State
DBDon Bessillieu3405/04/1956' "Georgia Tech
DBTim Collier4705/31/1954' "East Texas State
DBHerb Williams7308/30/1958' "Southern
DBWayne Smith1305/09/1957' "Purdue
DBCarl Allen9612/21/1955' "Southern Mississippi
DBKen Greene8505/08/1956' "Washington State
DBJeff Griffin9207/19/1958' "Utah
DBLee Nelson8701/30/1954' "Florida State
CB*Roger Wehrli81411/26/1947' "Missouri
DBBenny Perrin9R10/20/1959' "Alabama
KNeil O'Donoghue8601/18/1953' "Auburn
PCarl Birdsong9201/01/1959' "Southwestern Oklahoma State

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