1981 Washington Redskins

Head Coach: *Joe Gibbs
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
DBJeris White16809/03/1952' "Hawaii
RBOtis Wonsley15108/13/1957' "Alcorn State
DBLeCharls McDaniel6110/15/1958' "Cal Poly - S.L.O.
PMike Connell16303/15/1956' "Cincinnati
WR/RBAlvin Garrett4210/01/1956' "Angelo State (TX)
DBLemar Parrish121212/13/1947' "Lincoln (MO)
LBBrad Dusek10812/13/1950' "Texas A&M
DEMat Mendenhall14105/14/1957' "Brigham Young
QBTom Flick6R09/30/1958' "Washington
DBCurtis Jordan2601/25/1954' "Texas Tech
GRon Saul101202/05/1948' "Michigan State
KMark Moseley161103/12/1948' "Stephen F. Austin State
DBTony Peters16704/28/1953' "Oklahoma
CJeff Bostic16209/18/1958' "Clemson
RBRickey Claitt13204/12/1957' "Bethune-Cookman
T/G/CMark May16R11/02/1959' "Pittsburgh
DTPerry Brooks15412/04/1954' "Southern
G/TJoe Jacoby14107/06/1959' "Louisville
QBJoe Theismann16809/09/1949' "Notre Dame
LBPete Cronan10401/13/1955' "Boston College
LBCharlie Weaver51107/12/1949' "Southern California
WRVirgil Seay16101/01/1958' "Troy State (AL)
RBJoe Washington14509/24/1953' "Oklahoma
TE/WRRich Caster31210/16/1948' "Jackson State
DT/G/C/TDarryl Grant15R11/22/1959' "Rice
G/C*Russ Grimm14R05/02/1959' "Pittsburgh
LBNeal Olkewicz14301/30/1957' "Maryland
TEDon Warren16305/05/1956' "San Diego State
RBWilbur Jackson5711/19/1951' "Alabama
DEMike Clark5R03/30/1959' "Florida
TEGreg McCrary5603/24/1952' "Clark Atlanta (GA)
WRRicky Thompson16605/15/1954' "Baylor
LBMel Kaufman11102/24/1958' "Cal Poly - S.L.O.
TERick Walker16505/28/1955' "UCLA
DTPat Ogrin5102/10/1958' "Wyoming
TEBob Raba8504/23/1955' "Maryland
RBNick Giaquinto6204/04/1955' "Connecticut
DE/DTKarl Lorch16606/14/1950' "Southern California
LBRich Milot11305/28/1957' "Penn State
RB/WRTerry Metcalf16609/24/1951' "Long Beach State
RB*John Riggins151008/04/1949' "Kansas
DE/DTWilbur Young71104/20/1949' "William Penn
LBQuentin Lowry9111/11/1957' "Youngstown State
DEDexter Manley16R07/02/1959' "Oklahoma State
DBTrent Bryant4R08/14/1959' "Arkansas
DBMark Murphy16507/13/1955' "Colgate
T/GJerry Scanlan3201/04/1957' "Hawaii
DBMike Nelms16204/08/1955' "Baylor
DE/DTCoy Bacon31408/30/1942' "Jackson State
TGeorge Starke14907/18/1948' "Columbia
DT/DEDave Butz16906/23/1950' "Purdue
RBClarence Harmon5511/30/1955' "Mississippi State
DBJoe Lavender16902/10/1949' "San Diego State
DE/LBDallas Hickman10602/16/1952' "California
LBMonte Coleman12311/04/1957' "Central Arkansas
WR*Art Monk16212/05/1957' "Syracuse
LBDave Graf6608/05/1953' "Penn State
LBKevin Turner4202/05/1958' "University of Pacific
DBCris Crissy1R02/03/1959' "Princeton
GMelvin Jones11109/27/1955' "Houston

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