1979 Washington Redskins

Head Coach: Jack Pardee
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
QBJoe Theismann16609/09/1949' "Notre Dame
QBKim McQuilken3502/26/1951' "Lehigh
RBBuddy Hardeman10110/21/1954' "Iowa State
RB*John Riggins16908/04/1949' "Kansas
RBIke Forte11403/08/1954' "Arkansas
RBClarence Harmon16311/30/1955' "Mississippi State
RBBob Hammond5402/20/1952' "Morgan State
RBBenny Malone16602/03/1952' "Arizona State
RBLonnie Perrin5402/03/1952' "Illinois
TEPhil Dubois15111/16/1956' "San Diego State
TEGrady Richardson3104/02/1952' "Cal State - Fullerton
TE/WRJean Fugett11812/16/1951' "Amherst
TEDon Warren16R05/05/1956' "San Diego State
WRJohn McDaniel15609/23/1951' "Lincoln (MO)
WRRicky Thompson15405/15/1954' "Baylor
WRKris Haines1R07/23/1957' "Notre Dame
WRDanny Buggs16504/22/1953' "West Virginia
WRChris DeFrance4R09/13/1956' "Arizona State
GFred Dean15203/30/1955' "Texas Southern
TGeorge Starke16707/18/1948' "Columbia
T/G/DETerry Hermeling16904/25/1946' "Nevada - Reno
GRon Saul151002/05/1948' "Michigan State
G/TJeff Williams16304/15/1955' "Rhode Island
CTed Fritsch16708/26/1950' "St. Norbert
C/TBob Kuziel16607/24/1950' "Pittsburgh
GGreg Dubinetz15104/15/1954' "Yale
DEJoe Jones16901/07/1948' "Tennessee State
DTPerry Brooks12212/04/1954' "Southern
DT/DEDiron Talbert161307/01/1944' "Texas
DE/LBDallas Hickman16402/16/1952' "California
DE/DTKarl Lorch15406/14/1950' "Southern California
DT/DEPaul Smith151208/13/1945' "New Mexico
DE/DTCoy Bacon161208/30/1942' "Jackson State
DT/DEDave Butz15706/23/1950' "Purdue
LBMonte Coleman16R11/04/1957' "Central Arkansas
LBBrad Dusek16612/13/1950' "Texas A&M
LBPete Wysocki16510/03/1948' "Western Michigan
LBRich Milot14R05/28/1957' "Penn State
LBNeal Olkewicz16101/30/1957' "Maryland
LBDon Hover16212/13/1954' "Washington State
DBTony Peters16504/28/1953' "Oklahoma
DBRay Waddy16108/21/1956' "Texas A&M - Kingsville
DBMark Murphy16307/13/1955' "Colgate
DBLemar Parrish161012/13/1947' "Lincoln (MO)
DBJoe Lavender16702/10/1949' "San Diego State
DB*Ken Houston131311/12/1944' "Prairie View A&M
DBDon Harris16202/08/1954' "Rutgers
KMark Moseley16903/12/1948' "Stephen F. Austin State
PMike Bragg161209/26/1946' "Richmond

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