1978 Detroit Lions

Head Coach: Monte Clark
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
DBJimmy Allen14503/06/1952' "UCLA
GGary Anderson1209/22/1905' "Stanford
DEAl Baker16R12/09/1956' "Colorado State
TKarl Baldischwiler16R01/19/1956' "Oklahoma
WRLuther Blue16210/21/1954' "Iowa State
G/TLynn Boden16406/05/1953' "South Dakota State
RBAndy Bolton6305/23/1954' "Fisk
DBLuther Bradley16R05/07/1955' "Notre Dame
CWillie Brock4R09/20/1955' "Colorado
DBMike Burns15204/06/1954' "Southern California
RBDexter Bussey16503/11/1952' "Texas - Arlington
RBKen Callicutt13108/20/1955' "Clemson
C/GKarl Chandler11502/15/1952' "Princeton
DT/DE/TBill Cooke12402/26/1951' "Massachusetts
QBGary Danielson16309/10/1951' "Purdue
LBTony Daykin16205/13/1955' "Georgia Tech
LBDan Dickel4508/24/1962' "Iowa
G/THomer Elias16R05/01/1955' "Tennessee State
DTDoug English14408/25/1953' "Texas
TBill Fifer8R10/26/1955' "West Texas A&M
C/GAmos Fowler16R02/11/1956' "Southern Mississippi
RBLawrence Gaines13212/15/1953' "Wyoming
DEDave Gallagher1401/02/1952' "Michigan
DE/DT/TEBill Gay16R05/28/1955' "Southern California
DTDan Gray14R01/29/1956' "Rutgers
TDonnie Green7807/12/1948' "Purdue
GDonnie Hickman7106/11/1955' "Southern California
TEDavid Hill16301/01/1954' "Texas A&M - Kingsville
DBJames Hunter9303/08/1954' "Grambling State
WRRay Jarvis2802/02/1949' "Norfolk State (VA)
RBRick Kane15211/12/1954' "San Jose State
RBHorace King15403/05/1953' "Georgia
QBGreg Landry51112/18/1946' "Massachusetts
DBTony Leonard3302/28/1953' "Virginia Union
WRWillie McGee4605/14/1950' "Alcorn State
C/T/GMike Montler41001/10/1944' "Colorado
LBPaul Naumoff151207/03/1945' "Tennessee
T/GBrad Oates16309/30/1953' "Brigham Young
LBEd O'Neil16509/08/1952' "Penn State
DBReggie Pinkney13205/27/1955' "East Carolina
DE/DTErnie Price3609/20/1950' "Texas A&M - Kingsville
DE/DTDave Pureifory8707/12/1949' "Eastern Michigan
QBJoe Reed1701/08/1948' "Mississippi State
DBBruce Rhodes15204/17/1952' "San Francisco State
KBenny Ricardo16201/04/1954' "San Diego State
DEKen Sanders7708/22/1950' "Howard Payne (TX)
WRFreddie Scott16508/05/1952' "Amherst
PTom Skledany16106/29/1955' "Ohio State
CJohn Sokolosky11104/02/1956' "Wayne State (MI)
DBTony Sumler1104/10/1956' "Wichita State
CLarry Tearry14R04/24/1956' "Wake Forest
DBNat Terry4R07/20/1956' "Florida State
WRJesse Thompson11R03/12/1956' "California
WR/HBLeonard Thompson16407/28/1952' "Oklahoma State
LB/TEDave Washington16909/12/1948' "Alcorn State
LBCharlie Weaver16807/12/1949' "Southern California
DBWalt Williams15207/10/1954' "New Mexico State
DTJohn Woodcock16303/19/1954' "Hawaii

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