1975 Los Angeles Rams

Head Coach: Chuck Knox
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
RBJim Bertelsen13402/26/1950' "Texas
DTLarry Brooks8406/10/1950' "Virginia State
RBCullen Bryant14305/20/1951' "Colorado
RBJohn Cappelletti13206/09/1952' "Penn State
PDuane Carrell14210/03/1949' "Florida State
DBAl Clark4502/29/1948' "Eastern Michigan
T/GCharley Cowan131506/19/1938' "New Mexico Highlands
DE/DT/LBAl Cowlings5606/16/1947' "Southern California
C/GBob DeMarco141509/16/1938' "Dayton
KTom Dempsey14701/12/1941' "Palomar College (JC - CA)
DEFred Dryer14707/06/1946' "San Diego State
DBDave Elmendorf14506/20/1949' "Texas A&M
DT/DEMike Fanning8R02/02/1953' "Notre Dame
TDoug France14R04/26/1953' "Ohio State
LBKen Geddes14509/27/1946' "Nebraska
G/CDennis Harrah14R03/09/1953' "Miami (FL)
QBJames Harris13607/20/1947' "Grambling State
WRHarold Jackson14801/06/1946' "Jackson State
DBMonte Jackson14R07/14/1953' "San Diego State
QBRon Jaworski14203/23/1951' "Youngstown State
WRRon Jessie14502/04/1948' "Kansas
DE/DTCody Jones14205/03/1951' "San Jose State
LBRick Kay14211/10/1949' "Colorado
TEBob Klein11707/27/1947' "Southern California
G*Tom Mack141011/01/1943' "Michigan
RBLawrence McCutcheon13406/02/1950' "Colorado State
WRWillie McGee14305/14/1950' "Alcorn State
DBEddie McMillan14311/25/1951' "Florida State
DTBill Nelson8503/09/1948' "Oregon State
TETerry Nelson14305/20/1951' "Arkansas - Pine Bluff
DT*Merlin Olsen141409/15/1940' "Utah State
DBRod Perry9R09/11/1953' "Colorado
LBJim Peterson14201/20/1950' "San Diego State
RBRod Phillips14112/23/1952' "Jackson State
DBSteve Preece14702/15/1947' "Oregon State
LBJack Reynolds14611/22/1947' "Tennessee
LBIsiah Robertson14508/17/1949' "Southern
C/G/T/LBRich Saul14602/05/1948' "Michigan State
GJoe Scibelli141504/19/1939' "American International
RBRob Scribner14304/09/1951' "UCLA
DBBill Simpson14212/05/1951' "Michigan State
WRJack Snow101101/25/1943' "Notre Dame
T/G/DEJohn Williams14810/27/1945' "Minnesota
DE*Jack Youngblood14501/26/1950' "Florida
LBJim Youngblood14302/23/1950' "Tennessee Tech

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