1971 St. Louis Cardinals

Head Coach: Bob Hollway
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
QBPete Beathard9803/07/1942' "Southern California
QBJim Hart11604/29/1944' "Southern Illinois
RBJohnny Roland13605/21/1943' "Missouri
RBCid Edwards12410/10/1943' "Tennessee State
RBMacArthur Lane13403/16/1942' "Utah State
RBRoy Shivers11607/05/1941' "Utah State
RBLarry Stegent7112/01/1947' "Texas A&M
RBPaul White6209/17/1948' "Texas - El Paso
TE*Jackie Smith9902/23/1940' "Northwestern State (LA)
TEJim McFarland14210/04/1947' "Nebraska
WRFred Hyatt14406/28/1946' "Auburn
WRDave Williams13508/10/1945' "Washington
WR/HBJohn Gilliam14508/07/1945' "South Carolina State
WRMel Gray14R09/28/1948' "Missouri
TBob Reynolds14901/22/1939' "Bowling Green State
C/GTom Banks9108/20/1948' "Auburn
CWayne Mulligan7305/05/1947' "Clemson
T/G/C*Dan Dierdorf12R06/29/1949' "Michigan
TErnie McMillan141102/21/1938' "Illinois
G/T/CIrv Goode141010/12/1940' "Kentucky
GChuck Hutchison13211/17/1948' "Ohio State
TVern Emerson4309/02/1945' "Minnesota - Duluth
T/GClyde Williams14507/27/1940' "Southern
DERon Yankowski12R10/23/1946' "Kansas State
DT/TPaul Dickson51302/26/1937' "Baylor
DT/DEBob Rowe14505/23/1945' "Western Michigan
DE/DTRolf Krueger14312/08/1946' "Texas A&M
DT/DEChuck Walker11808/10/1941' "Duke
DT/DEJoe Schmiesing9404/01/1945' "New Mexico State
DT/DEFred Heron9610/06/1944' "San Jose State
LBDon Parish1201/04/1948' "Stanford
LBTerry Miller9204/11/1946' "Illinois
LBMike McGill11411/21/1946' "Notre Dame
LBLarry Stallings14912/11/1941' "Georgia Tech
LBJim Hargrove14402/21/1945' "Howard Payne (TX)
LBJamie Rivers12409/22/1945' "Bowling Green State
LBRocky Rosema2402/05/1946' "Michigan
LBRick Ogle6R01/14/1949' "Colorado
DBMiller Farr14704/08/1943' "Wichita State
DBNorm Thompson14R03/05/1945' "Utah
DBDale Hackbart141007/21/1938' "Wisconsin
DBGeorge Hoey6111/14/1946' "Michigan
CB*Roger Wehrli13311/26/1947' "Missouri
DBJeff Allen1R08/27/1948' "Iowa State
DBTom Longo2302/21/1942' "Notre Dame
DB/PJerry Stovall6904/30/1941' "Louisiana State
DB*Larry Wilson141203/24/1938' "Utah
DBTed Provost2207/26/1948' "Ohio State
DBLarry Willingham9R12/22/1948' "Auburn
DB/P/WRChuck Latourette13407/21/1945' "Rice
KJim Bakken141011/02/1940' "Wisconsin

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