1956 Detroit Lions

Head Coach: Buddy Parker
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
T/CCharlie Ane12401/25/1931' "Southern California
FBBill Bowman6209/22/1931' "William & Mary
GStan Campbell7308/26/1930' "Iowa State
RB/WRHopalong Cassady12R03/02/1934' "Ohio State
S/HB*Jack Christiansen12612/20/1928' "Colorado State
T/G/DT/DG*Lou Creekmur12701/22/1927' "William & Mary
DE/G/LBGene Cronin12R11/20/1933' "University of Pacific
DBJim David12512/02/1927' "Colorado State
E/DBDorne Dibble12504/26/1929' "Michigan State
E/DEJim Doran11608/11/1927' "Iowa State
DE/LBSonny Gandee12502/27/1929' "Ohio State
RBGene Gedman12201/09/1932' "Indiana
QB/HB/DBHarry Gilmer11804/14/1926' "Alabama
HB/E/DB/QBJug Girard10901/25/1927' "Wisconsin
E/DE/FBLeon Hart11711/02/1928' "Notre Dame
DBCarl Karilivacz11411/20/1930' "Syracuse
DT/DE/TRay Krouse12603/21/1927' "Maryland
DB*Yale Lary12311/24/1930' "Texas A&M
QB*Bobby Layne12912/19/1926' "Texas
LBBob Long12202/24/1934' "UCLA
CBob Lusk5R05/18/1932' "William & Mary
DT/DEGil Mains8412/17/1929' "Murray State
LB/KJim Martin12704/08/1924' "Notre Dame
DE/DT/TDarris McCord12201/04/1933' "Tennessee
RBDon McIlhenny9R11/22/1934' "Southern Methodist
E/RB/WRDave Middleton12211/23/1933' "Auburn
DT/TBob Miller12512/11/1929' "Virginia
DT/DE/T/GGerry Perry12207/17/1930' "California
E/QBJerry Reichow8R05/19/1934' "Iowa
G/TJim Salsbury11208/08/1932' "UCLA
LB*Joe Schmidt12401/19/1932' "Pittsburgh
G/LBHarley Sewell12404/18/1931' "Texas
T/G/COllie Spencer12204/17/1931' "Kansas
DB/RBBill Stits12307/26/1931' "UCLA
HB/FBTom Tracy4R09/07/1934' "Tennessee

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