1948 Chicago Cardinals

Head Coach: *Jimmy Conzelman
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
QBPaul Christman7403/05/1918' "Missouri
QB/DB/TBRay Mallouf12407/11/1918' "Southern Methodist
QBVirgil Eikenberg9102/22/1924' "Rice
FB/LBPat Harder12305/06/1922' "Wisconsin
HB/DB/QB*Charlie Trippi12212/14/1922' "Georgia
FB/LBVinnie Yablonski12103/04/1923' "Columbia
TB/DB/FB/HBMarshall Goldberg11810/25/1917' "Pittsburgh
HBElmer Angsman12312/11/1925' "Notre Dame
HB/DBBebe Dimancheff12409/06/1922' "Purdue
HBVic Schwall7201/21/1925' "Northwestern
E/DE/DBFrank Liebel5711/19/1919' "Norwich
C/LBVince Banonis12504/09/1921' "Detroit Mercy
T/DTChet Bulger12709/18/1917' "Auburn
G/NT/TPlato Andros12211/28/1921' "Oklahoma
E/DEBill Dewell11601/02/1917' "Southern Methodist
T/GJoe Coomer12509/11/1918' "Austin
E/DBMal Kutner12303/27/1921' "Texas
TDick Loepfe7101/01/1922' "Wisconsin
G/LBHam Nichols12210/18/1924' "Rice
G/LBBuster Ramsey12303/16/1920' "William & Mary
E/DBBob Ravensburg11110/20/1925' "Indiana
TBob Zimny12412/11/1921' "Indiana
G/DGJohn Badaczewski5301/27/1922' "Case Western Reserve
E/DESam Goldman11411/10/1916' "Samford
GJake Colhouer11301/15/1922' "Oklahoma State
GLoyd Arms7309/24/1919' "Oklahoma State
TStan Mauldin1312/27/1920' "Texas
GDick Wedel1R05/29/1923' "Wake Forest
TMarv Jacobs5108/01/1925' " none
DE/EBob Dove12102/21/1921' "Notre Dame
DT/TWalt Szot12303/30/1920' "Bucknell
LB/CBill Blackburn12302/05/1923' "Rice
LB/G/CRay Apolskis12610/19/1918' "Marquette
LB/C/DBBill Campbell7408/06/1920' "Oklahoma
DB/HB/FBRed Cochran12208/02/1922' "Wake Forest
DB/HBJerry Davis11R01/05/1924' "Southeastern Louisiana
DB/FB/LBCorwin Clatt12102/05/1924' "Notre Dame
DB/HBBob Hanlon10R08/24/1924' "Loras
DB/WB/E/DEJohn Doolan12405/16/1919' "Georgetown

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