1929 Green Bay Packers

Head Coach: *Curly Lambeau
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
TMarion Ashmore841903' "Gonzaga
BB/TB/HB/WBBullet Baker2311/04/1900' "Southern California
GJim Bowdoin12201/15/1904' "Alabama
TTiny Cahoon2405/22/1900' "Gonzaga
CBoob Darling11311/18/1903' "Beloit
E/DELavie Dilweg13401/11/1903' "Marquette
BB/TBRed Dunn1161901' "Marquette
C/T/GJug Earp11907/22/1897' "Monmouth
FBJack Evans3108/17/1906' "California
WB/HB/CDon Hill3109/18/1904' "Stanford
T/DE/E/G*Cal Hubbard12310/31/1900' "Geneva
TBill Kern12109/02/1906' "Pittsburgh
HB/TB/BB/EEddie Kotal11509/01/1902' "Lawrence
TB/BB/FB/E*Curly Lambeau1904/09/1898' "Notre Dame
HB/TB/WB/BBVerne Lewellen13609/29/1901' "Nebraska
FBCully Lidberg10208/25/1900' "Minnesota
FB/LB/RB/DBHurdis McCrary13106/09/1904' "Georgia
HB/WB/DB/TB*Johnny McNally12511/27/1903' "St. John's (MN)
G/T/LB*Mike Michalske13304/24/1903' "Penn State
G/EPaul Minick6312/17/1899' "Iowa
FB/LB/BBBo Molenda12302/20/1905' "Michigan
ETom Nash10211/21/1905' "Georgia
EDick O'Donnell1071900' " none
T/G/DE/EClaude Perry12310/31/1901' "Alabama
BB/G/TB/FBRed Smith5305/18/1904' "Notre Dame
G/TWhitey Woodin6811/29/1894' "Marquette
GBilly Young2112/17/1901' "Ohio State
TBDave Zuidmulder1102/04/1906' "Georgetown

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