1928 Chicago Cardinals

Head Coach: Fred Gillies
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
FB/WBBen Jones5603/15/1895' "Grove City
BB/WB/EIke Mahoney5410/25/1901' "Creighton
TB/E/FB*Jim Thorpe1805/28/1887' "Carlisle
BB/WB/HB/TBPaul Fitzgibbon6303/21/1903' "Creighton
EEd Allen2106/05/1901' "Creighton
FBDucky Grant6112/24/1902' "St. Mary's (CA)
WB/TB/FB/BBHal Erickson6603/10/1899' "Washington & Jefferson
WB/TB/BBMickey MacDonnell1501/1904' " none
WB/E/C/FBJim Murphy1211/03/1904' "St. Thomas
WB/BB/FB/TBRay Risvold3203/27/1902' " none
WB/FB/TB/BBTed Illman5111/27/1902' "Montana
TFred Gillies1812/09/1895' "Cornell
E/DE/T/GHerb Blumer6403/07/1900' "Missouri
T/GChet Widerquist6509/23/1895' "Washington & Jefferson
CRalph Claypool4412/15/1898' "Purdue
G/CJoe Davidson6101/24/1903' "Oklahoma State
TDuke Slater6708/14/1866' "Iowa
G/C/TBill Stein2605/28/1899' "Fordham
E/TClem Neacy6507/19/1898' "Colgate
E/TB/BB/FBHarry Curzon1311/12/1895' " none
C/EBill Springsteen4410/26/1899' "Lehigh
GHomer Bliss1108/16/1904' "Washington & Jefferson
GHal Bradley21' "Iowa
GLyons Killiher111903' " none
GRay Marelli2101/23/1901' "Notre Dame
GCharlie Strack3107/15/1899' "Oklahoma State
EDon Yeisley3101/21/1904' "Chicago

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