1922 Chicago Cardinals

Head Coach: *Paddy Driscoll
  • To be listed, a player must have played at least one game for the team during this season.
  • * Hall of Fame
  • + Primary starter
  • Starters are listed by position, beginning with primary starters and ending with non-starting depth. A player will be listed more than once if starting at mulitple positions during the season.

Pos#PlayerGPGSStart PosExpDOBHtWtCollege
TB/HB/FB/QB*Paddy Driscoll11301/11/1895' "Northwestern
FB/WB/BB/TBRalph Horween9208/03/1896' "Harvard
FB/WBBob Koehler10304/07/1894' "Northwestern
TB/WB/HBJohnny Mohardt10101/21/1898' "Notre Dame
BB/FB/TBArnie Horween11207/07/1898' "Harvard
HB/QB/TB/WBJohnny Bryan10102/28/1897' "Chicago
C/T/E/G/FBNick McInerney113' " none
G/CGarland Buckeye11310/16/1897' " none
G/TWillis Brennan8302/1894' " none
E/WB/BB Egan93' "DePaul
TSwede Rundquist10111/22/1894' "Illinois
TFred Gillies11312/09/1895' "Cornell
ELenny Sachs7308/07/1897' "American College of Physical Education
C/T/GBill Whalen3209/11/1900' " none
TJohn Leonard5105/13/1896' "Indiana
GClyde Zoia7305/1896' "Notre Dame
EEddie Anderson7111/13/1900' "Notre Dame
ERed O'Connor53' "DePaul

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