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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Maarleveld, J. D.1986 - 1987T
Maas, Bill1984 - 1993NT
Mabra, Ron1975 - 1977DB
MacAfee, Ken1954 - 1959E
MacAfee, Ken1978 - 1979TE
Macaulay, John1984C
MacCollom, Max1922E
MacDonald, Allen1924WB-FB
MacDonald, Buck1920 - 1921G-BB
MacDonald, Dan1987LB
MacDonald, Mark1985 - 1988G
MacDonnell, Mickey1923 - 1931WB-TB-BB
MacDowell, Jay1946 - 1951DT-T-DE-E
Mace, Corey2008 - 2009DE-DT
Macek, Don1976 - 1989C-G
Macerelli, John1956G-T
Machado, J. P.1999 - 2003G
Machurek, Mike1984QB
Macioszczyk, Art1944 - 1948FB-LB
Mack, Alex2009 - 2016C
Mack, Cedric1983 - 1993CB
Mack, Elbert2008 - 2014CB
Mack, Kevin1985 - 1993FB
Mack, Khalil2014 - 2016LB-DE
Mack, Kim1987DB
Mack, Milton1987 - 1994CB
Mack, Red1961 - 1966WR-HB
Mack, Rico1993LB
Mack, Stacey1999 - 2003RB
Mack, Terence1987LB
Mack, Tom1966 - 1978G
Mack, Tremain1997 - 2000S
Mackbee, Earsell1965 - 1969DB
Mackenroth, Jack1938C-LB
Mackenzie, Malaefou2003FB
Mackert, Roy1925C-T
Mackey, Dee1960 - 1965TE
Mackey, John1963 - 1972TE
Mackey, Kyle1987 - 1989QB
Mackey, Louis2001 - 2002LB
Mackie, Doug1987T
MacKinnon, Jacque1961 - 1970TE-RB
Macklin, David2000 - 2008CB
Mackorell, Johnny1935RB-DB
Mackovic, John1983 - 1986
Mackrides, Bill1947 - 1953QB
MacLeod, Bob1939HB-DB
MacLeod, Tom1973 - 1978LB
Maclin, Jeremy2009 - 2016WR
MacMillan, Stu1931C-G
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