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Note: To be listed, a player must have played at least one regular season game in the NFL (1920-present) or AFL (1960-69).

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Player NameYears PlayedPosition(s)
Iacovazzi, Cosmo1965HB
Iaquaniello, Mike1991S
Idonije, Israel2004 - 2013DE-DT-NT
Ieremia, Mekeli1978DT
Ifeanyi, Israel1996DE
Ifedi, Germain2016G
Iglehart, Floyd1958DB
Iglesias, Juaquin2009WR
Igwebuike, Donald1985 - 1990K
Igwenagu, Emil2012FB
Ihedigbo, James2008 - 2016S
Ihenacho, Carl2012LB
Ihenacho, Duke2012 - 2016S
Ijalana, Ben2011 - 2016G-T
Ikard, Gabe2015 - 2016C
Ikegwuonu, Jack2009CB
Ilesic, Hank1989P
Ilg, Ray1967 - 1968LB
Ilgenfritz, Mark1974DE
Ilkin, Tunch1980 - 1993T-G-C
Illman, Ted1928WB-FB-TB-BB
Iloka, George2012 - 2016S
Ilowit, Roy1937T
Iman, Ken1960 - 1974C
Imhof, Martin1972 - 1976DE-DT
Imlay, Tut1926 - 1927TB-WB-BB
Incognito, Richie2006 - 2016G-C
Infante, Lindy1988 - 1997
Ingalls, Bob1942C-LB
Ingle, Mark1921G
Inglis, Tim1987 - 1988LB
Ingram, Brian1982 - 1987LB
Ingram, Byron1987 - 1988G
Ingram, Clint2006 - 2009LB
Ingram, Darryl1989 - 1993TE
Ingram, Jake2009 - 2010C
Ingram, Johnathan2005C
Ingram, Kevin1987QB
Ingram, Mark1987 - 1996WR
Ingram, Mark2011 - 2016RB
Ingram, Melvin2012 - 2016LB
Ingram, Steve1995 - 1999T-G
Ingwersen, Burt1920T
Inman, Dontrelle2014 - 2016WR
Inman, Jerry1966 - 1973DT
Inmon, Earl1978LB
Innocent, Dou1996RB
Insley, Trevor2001WR
Intrieri, Marne1932 - 1934G-T-C-LB
Ioane, Junior2001 - 2005DT
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