1995 Week 16 Injury Report (Dec 14)

NEW ENGLAND AT PITTSBURGH -- Patriots: LB Dwayne Sabb (quadricep) is probable. Steelers: CB Rod Woodson (knee) is out; LB Chad Brown (ankle), RB Bam Morris (hamstring) are doubtful; RB Steve Avery (groin) is questionable; WR Andre Hastings (quadricep), WR Charles Johnson (knee), LB Levon Kirkland (ankle), LB Greg Lloyd (heel), G Tom Newberry (back), CB Chris Oldham (leg), WR Yancey Thigpen (toe), RB John L. Williams (knee) are probable.

GREEN BAY AT NEW ORLEANS -- Packers: DE Reggie White (hamstring) is out; RB Marcus Wilson (hamstring) is questionable; RB Edgar Bennett (flu), DE Matt LaBounty (groin), RB Dorsey Levens (knee), S George Teague (toe) is probable. Saints: C Jeff Uhlenhake (knee) is doubtful; LB Ron Childs (ankle), S Anthony Newman (ankle), LB Winfred Tubbs (knee) is questionable; LB Ernest Dixon (shoulder) is probable.

CINCINNATI AT CLEVELAND -- Bengals: T Bruce Kozerski (ankle) is out; DT Dan Wilkinson (neck) is doubtful; LB Steve Tovar (hand) is questionable; WR Thomas Bailey (shoulder), T Kevin Sargent (ankle) are probable. Browns: S Eric Turner (back) is doubtful; C Steve Everitt (hamstring), RB Leroy Hoard (ribs), CB Tim Jacobs (shoulder), CB Antonio Langham (shoulder), C Louis Riddick (hamstring), LB Frank Stams (knee), QB Vinny Testaverde (hip) are questionable.

DENVER AT KANSAS CITY -- Broncos: RB Terrell Davis (hamstring-knee), TE Shannon Sharpe (eye), DE Dan Williams (knee) are out; CB Ray Crockett (knee), LB Britt Hager (groin) are questionable; LB Keith Burns (knee), LB Glen Cadrez (hip), LB Dave Wyman (ankle), T Gary Zimmerman (shoulder) are probable. Chiefs: T John Alt (knee), WR Lake Dawson (ankle), LB Derrick Thomas (groin), WR Tamarick Vanover (arm) are questionable; TE Keith Cash (knee), CB James Hasty (knee), DE Neil Smith (ankle) are probable.

MIAMI AT BUFFALO -- Dolphins: CB J.B. Brown (knee) is doubtful. CB Frankie Smith (wrist), WR Mike Williams (ankle) are questionable. TE Eric Green (knee), T Richmond Webb (knee) are probable. Bills: S Henry Jones (knee) is out. CB Marlon Kerner (leg) is questionable. WR Andre Reed (hamstring) is probable.

NEW YORK JETS AT HOUSTON -- Jets: S Lonnie Young (shoulder) is out. DE Hugh Douglas (ankle) is doubtful. TE Kyle Brady (ankle), LB Chad Cascadden (knee), CB Aaron Glenn (groin), RB Adrian Murrell (shoulder) are questionable. DT Tony Casillas (knee), CB Victor Green (knee), DT Marc Spindler (rib) are probable. Oilers: DE Kanavis McGhee (infection) is out. QB Chris Chandler (mononucleosis), DE Anthony Cook (knee), CB Steve Jackson (ankle) are questionable.

OAKLAND AT SEATTLE -- Raiders: LB James Folston (arm) is out. DT Jerry Ball (calf), T Robert Jenkins (knee) are questionable. QB Jeff Hostetler (shoulder), DT Chester McGlockton (ankle) are probable. Seahawks: RB Steve Smith (back) is out. WR Ronnie Harris (back), QB Rick Mirer (shoulder) are questionable.

SAN DIEGO AT INDIANAPOLIS -- Chargers: CB Darrien Gordon (shoulder), S Rodney Harrison (knee) are out. LB Dennis Gibson (ankle0, RB Natrone means (groin), DE Chris Mims (ankle), T Vaughn Parker (knee), Duane Young (ankle) are probable. Colts: LB Stephen Grant (ankle), RB Ron Humphrey (back) and OT Eric Mahlum (knee) are questionable; RB Marshall Faulk (knee), QB Jim Harbaugh (knee) and RB Roosevelt Potts (shoulder-hamstring) are probable.

ARIZONA AT PHILADELPHIA -- Cardinals: S Terry Hoage (hamstring), LB Wesley Leasy (concussion), S Lorenzo Lynch (hamstring), LB David Merritt (quadricep) are out. LB Keith McCants (respiratory infection), T Larry Tharpe (calf) are probable. Eagles: WR Kelvin Martin (foot) is out. DT Rhett Hall (knee) is doubtful. RB Charlie Garner (thigh), LB Kurt Gouveia (calf) are probable.

ATLANTA AT CAROLINA -- Falcons: WR J.J. Birden (back), RB Jamal Anderson (thigh), DT Pierce Holt (ankle) are questionable. DT Jumpy Geathers, CB Terry Taylor are probable. Panthers: G Mark Elliot (knee), RB Howard Griffith (ankle) are probable.

NEW YORK GIANTS AT DALLAS -- Giants: S Vencie Glenn (shoulder-calf), DE Michael Strahan (hamstring), S Tito Wooten (shoulder) are questionable; LB Jessie Armstead (ankle), T John Elliott (knee), G Lance Smith (elbow), RB Tyrone Wheatley (hip) are probable. Cowboys: DE Charles Haley (back) is out. LB Robert Jones is doubtful. TE Eric Bjornson (abdominal strain), DT Russell Maryland (toe sprain), TE Jay Novacek (ankle-knee) are questionable. QB Troy Aikman (knee), G Larry Allen (hamstring), CB Alundis Brice (hamstring), DE Shante Carver (hand), LB Dixon Edwards (pectoral), G Dale Hellestrae (neck), P John Jett (back strain), S Brock Marion (thumb-hamstring), DT Hurvin McCormack (quadricep), LB Godfrey Myles (shoulder), G Nate Newton (knee-calf), DE Tony Tolbert (knee), T Erik Williams (knee), S Darrin Woodson (shoulder) are probable.

TAMPA BAY AT CHICAGO -- Buccaneers: WR Lawrence Dawsey (finger) is out; TE Tyji Armstrong (ankle), T Scott Dill (foot), T Paul Gruber (foot), CB Martin Mayhew (knee) are questionable. Bears: CB Donnell Woolford (leg) is doubtful; WR Curtis Conway (back) is questionable.

WASHINGTON AT ST. LOUIS -- Redskins: CB Darnell Green (foot), DT Tim Johnson (elbow), WR Michael Westbrook (ankle) are probable. Rams: CB Mike Scurlock (knee) is out; CB Torin Dorn (knee), G Zach Wiegert (ankle) are questionable; LB Shane Conlan (knee) is probable.

JACKSONVILLE AT DETROIT -- Jaguars: DE Jeff Lageman (foot) is out; DT Ray Hall (chest) is doubtful; TE Pete Mitchell (quadricep), RB James Stewart (foot) are questionable; QB Mark Brunell (hamstring), WR Desmond Haward (concussion) are probable. Lions: G Ryan Grigson (back), TE Kevin Hickman (knee) are out; G Doug Widell (ankle) is doubtful; DT Henry Thomas (abdomen) is probable.

MINNESOTA AT SAN FRANCISCO -- Vikings: TE Adrian Cooper (knee), RB James Stewart (fibula) are out; RB Robert Smith (ankle) is doubtful; LB Jack Del Rio (knee), TE Andrew Jordan (ankle) are questionable; RB Robert Griffith (thumb), QB Warren Moon (ribs) are probable. 49ers: WR Nate Singleton (clavicle) is questionable; G Chris Dalman (neck), G Rod Milstead (back), T Kirk Scrafford (ribs), T Steve Wallace (shoulder) are probable.

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