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Welcome to this football site's home at

Player stats are (currently) posted at the end of each regular season, but box scores tend to be posted within 24 hours of the game's completion -- usually faster.

The 2020 stats are still a Work In Progress -- with my regular job having eaten a considerable amount of my time in the first third of 2021 -- but the 2021 draft results and schedules have been posted, and I'm keeping up with the 2021 box scores..

I think I've completed all of the 2020+ updates to list Washington as "Football Team" instead of "Redskins" to reflect the name change. However, the historical records will continue to mention the prior name, just as all other franchises' histories mention their past names/locations.

ALL SOFTWARE is the responsibility of the programmer. All software will have a readme file with an overview of the product and how to reach the author(s) for support.



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